How to Take Care of Your Leather Products

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When choosing a timeless fashion item, you probably instantly think of something made of leather. Whether it’s a leather bag, shoes, boots, belt, or jacket, leather products make a bold fashion statement, fit any style, and add an element of sophistication to any outfit. However, leather is not only popular because it is fashionable. Leather is also extremely durable and has an incredible feel. Finally, if you buy a quality leather item and take good care of it, it will last you for years.

If you want to keep your leather products in pristine condition, then you must take good care of them, which requires regular maintenance. To show you how to do this we’ve put together this comprehensive guide for taking care of your leather products.


It is necessary to clean your leather items regularly to make prevent dust or other impurities from settling into the material permanently, which can be difficult or even impossible to remove later on. You should use a dry or damp soft cloth or cleaning rag to get rid of dust from leather bags, jackets, or wallets. For leather boots or shoes, you should use a brush with soft bristles. Try to use a brush that is specially made for cleaning leather products.

You can use leather cleaners to get rid of the tough stains and clean the product thoroughly. The leather cleaner will bond with the dust particles and remove them from the product, and the surfactants in leather cleaners remove the dirt from the surface of the leather. These cleaners don’t contain any alcohol, so won’t cause any discoloration in the leather. You should always clean your leather items by hand and never put them in a washing machine.


If you notice your leather is getting dry then it is time to use a leather conditioner. A leather conditioner moisturizes the leather and prevents it from drying out as well as keeping the leather soft. As an alternative to conditioning cream, you can also use leather oils for conditioning. Before conditioning, you should do a patch test by cleaning the surface of the leather with a wet cloth to remove any dirt and then apply a small amount of the cream. It is a good idea to condition your leather items once a month to keep them in good condition.


Polishing will maintain the shine of your leather items, especially bags and shoes. Put some leather polish on a soft cloth and polish the leather gently. If you are polishing your wallet or bag, then use neutral-colored leather cream. For shoes and boots, you should choose a cream the matches the shade of your shoes. A good tip is to use a sponge soaked in milk to remove any stains before polishing. Make sure that the shoe is dry before you apply the polish. Don’t apply any heat for drying, such as a hair dryer: let the item air dry as heat may damage the leather.


If you have leather boots or shoes, you can buy waterproofing spray which will create a coating on the boot or shoe to prevent damage from rain, snow or other forms of water. Waterproofing should be done once a year. You can also add leather protectants to your leather products. This will help to avoid any moisture getting in and damaging the item.


How you store your leather items is also important. You should wrap a soft cloth around your leather item, and store it with silica gel to absorb moisture and humidity. If you put your leather product in a plastic bag then you could encourage the growth of mould. Leather items should never be kept under direct sunlight as the leather may dry out or discolour. This will also make the leather brittle and it can crack, prematurely ageing the product.

It is important be careful with the way you use and store your leather items. For example, when you put your leather purse in your bag, make sure there aren’t any sharp objects inside that may leave scratch marks on the purse. If you are using a leather wallet, make sure that you take it out of your pocket before sitting down; otherwise, the friction with the chair may damage the leather.

“Leather” is an umbrella term and there are many different types of leather including suede, buffalo hide and Nubuck. Your leather item may have distinct cleaning instructions depending on the type of leather it is made from. For example, suede and Nubuck leather must be dry washed, as oil or water can leave difficult to remove stains on these types of leather. Therefore, it is critical to always read the instructions.

A well-maintained leather item can last a lifetime, so ensure to always handle your leather items with care and take excellent care of them.

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