How To Stay Body Confident During The Hot Girl Summer

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With the rise of social media, the pressure to have a flawless body is at an all-time high. Hot girl summer is an invitation to wear skimpy clothes and head to the streets. And if you didn’t post it, it didn’t happen. But what if you aren’t confident in your body or you just prefer to dress more modestly? 

Body positivity has been a buzzword lately, but certain body types are still lauded over others. A quick scroll on Instagram’s explore page will provide you with a plethora of photoshopped or surgically-altered “slim thick” bodies. 

Although visibility is important, try not to compare yourself to other people. The media will always promote an idealized and unattainable body type. Turn inward and learn to love what you see in the mirror. Social media and external opinions, in general, are not the barometer for your beauty. 

“It is silly, isn’t it, that I would dream of someone else offering to me the acceptance and affirmation I was withholding from myself.” – Bell Hooks

Regardless of what other people think, it’s crucial to remain confident in how you look. Miserable individuals will look at the most snatched body and try to find flaws, so don’t take their judgments personally. Anyone who gauges someone’s value based on their outer appearance is shallow because beauty isn’t skin deep. 

Loving your body is a process that lasts a lifetime. It changes with pregnancy, disease, weight gain, self-harm, weight loss, and more. However, here are three body confidence-building tips that engage all the senses. 

Touch and hug your body

This tip may seem strange, but don’t knock it until you try it. Touch your “imperfections” – the dents, dimples, love handles, hip dips, stretch marks, and belly rolls. Wrap your arms around yourself. Familiarize yourself with the uniqueness that is you. 

Look in the mirror and speak positively about your body

If you can’t say anything positive about how your body looks, start by thanking your body for keeping you alive. Eventually, select one body part you like and continue to expand from there. 

Participate in some type of physical activity

Stretch your limbs, dance to your favorite song, go for a walk in the park, or hit the gym. Loving your body means taking care of it. After working out, treat yourself to a bath, a nice dinner, or an aromatherapy massage. 

Beauty standards are forever changing, but your body confidence should remain solid.

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