How to Save Money On A Date-Trip to London


We all want to be able to treat our loved ones to expensive dates & extravagant presents. However, money’s always the factor inhibiting this — specifically, the lack thereof. This wide-reaching issue made us sit down and try to work out ways to have the best of both worlds. It’s easier than you think to have a day out in London and still save pennies, all you need is to ensure your actions beforehand! The prime cause of unnecessary bills is spontaneity. To keep your new relationship and your finances healthy, try planning a budget for a trip with tips prepared by experts of uptoflirt, and your new partner will be impressed.

Plan Your Trip; It Helps to Create a Savings Plan!

If you take anything from our article, know this: planning will be your saving grace. Mark your journey for ahead, select the spots, the food, book the Airbnb (no hotels, we’re trying to save a bit of cash here!) Your plans don’t have to be detailed, having a rough idea of places you definitely should visit will keep you on track and within your spending limits.

Should you take a trip to London like there’s no tomorrow? It may seem romantic, but seeing the Eye, Tower Bridge and Big Ben might cost you a pretty penny. Landmarks, if you observe them from a distance or take pictures, aren’t expensive – everything around is. Book a flat a bit further from the City as you’d like, pack a lunch or two and use Google Maps to outline the route you’ll take not to leave the capital cashless or even in debt.

Search for Off-The-Wall Spots.

Finding places not many people think of may also be a tactic to save you some coin. The mainstream/essential spots and every business around will know they’re the obvious choice, and subsequently, bring up their prices charging you the earth. Choosing the underdogs of London entertainment will still give you a good day, without the extortionate price point.

• Check out The Welcome Collection on Euston Road. Gallery of random objects is free to view, but you can purchase an audio tour to listen to as you walk around. It can be a good source of laughs and wonders or just trash – depending on a viewpoint. The “collection” consists of random artefacts from history (such as Napoleon’s toothbrush). The only way to do it justice is to see it together with your date.

• If you want a classier visit, then 100% go to the Sky Garden. It’s like visiting the Shard, but on a budget, with a view just as pretty! It gives you a chance to learn about all the landmarks in London. We think this may be better than the pricier alternative!

Leverage Coupons and Deals!

If you’re looking for lucrative deals in London, Groupon will be your best friend. Booking online for date-trips will give you the best chance of finding juicy discounts and taking all the advantages. Hand-in-hand with planning, the combination of booking in advance and doing it online will make for a cheap but brilliant time in London!

Join Restaurant Loyalty Programs?

When trying to save pennies, loyalty programs can be a game-changer! You’re not likely to see fancier restaurants doing this, but any chance you see a loyalty card in a food chain, grab it. They will have member perks and are likely to give you a discount when you’ve visited a certain amount of time. The benefit of loyalty programs may not be apparent immediately but pay off in the long run, even more on expensive trips.

Dating Sites Can be Used as “Couchsurfing”

Being strapped for cash can leave us in unfortunate situations of needing places to stay. With online dating, you can get to know people who could potentially help you in that department. The beauty of matching on the Web is that you can find a few creative usages for it! For example, meet friends that could help you couch surf when things get a little challenging. Or seek a partner in a place you’d love to visit, it might seem too prudent to be romantic, yet you’d kill two birds with one stone.

The technology we have today can bring us so much – whether it’s getting a brilliant discount on a trip, signing up to loyalty programs, meeting people through dating sites for hook-ups or just for a friendly place to stay. The internet is this mad and wonderful place that always has something interesting to offer, so use it to plan your trip to London instead of gazing at the capital’s wonders and spending all your allowance!

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