5 Lessons From Top Business Leaders On How To Maximize Your Earnings

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Earning more money is a goal shared by millions. While financial wealth isn’t the most important thing in life, it certainly opens the door to more opportunities. Therefore, doing all that you can to maximize your income is essential.   

In truth, most people have the motivation to chase the dream. Sadly, the vast majority don’t know where to start in their quests for the best possible outcomes. Preparation is the key to getting this right, and you can learn a lot from looking at the success stories before you. Here are some of the best.

Person: Mark Zuckerberg

Lesson: Side hustles can pay off.

This social media site is worth billions.

Nobody needs an introduction to Mark Zuckerberg or the story of how Facebook has basically taken over the world. Nonetheless, looking to a person that has built a net worth of over $70bn (yes, billion!) is never a bad idea.    

Those looking to earn big from technology and the internet can take hundreds of pointers from analyzing the Facebook story. Perhaps the most vital lesson, though, is that side hustles can pay off. Zuckerberg was still a student chasing a different dream when the social media brainchild came to the surface. Whether your side hustle is as a public notary or being a clothes designer isn’t overly important. The crucial factor is that you can chase your dream without risking it all.

This is particularly good news for anyone with other commitments such as mortgages or families. The ability to increase your earnings on the side is a blessing. Not least because you can use your current job as a safety net until the time to transition arrives.

Person: Ed Sheeran

Lesson: Hard work brings rewards.  

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Persistance pays off.

The music industry is vastly different from most. Still, that shouldn’t discount the relatable lessons that can be gained from its biggest stars. Ed Sheeran is now universally accepted as one of the best musicians on the planet, and he boasts the bank balance to prove it. However, it wasn’t always that way.  

Sheeran certainly put the hours in during his pre-fame days. From playing hundreds of gigs to finding ways to market himself in a cost-effective fashion, he did not shy from the work. This video of his story should provide the inspiration you need. While you might not need to make sacrifices like sofa surfing, you should be willing to develop the skills needed for success.    

Hard work is an attribute that connects almost all success stories. Whether it be music, retail, or inventing a product, it’s almost impossible to achieve greatness without it. For this reason, working on something you feel passionate about is pivotal.  

Person: Mino Raiola

Lesson: The role matters.

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Why make a good living when you can earn a great one?

In the world of soccer, the man that brought Zlatan to LA Galaxy is an agent who is now capable of earning millions of dollars in a single transaction. However, the 51-year-old wasn’t always quite so successful. It’s a far cry from waiting tables in his teens. Perhaps more importantly, it’s a far cry from being a head of youth at his local club.  

Had Raiola stayed in his role at HFC Haarlem, the chances of earning being a multi-millionaire by 50 would’ve been zero. Instead, staying in football as an agent allowed him to become one of the richest people in the world of football, including the players. In the real world, looking for the highest paid aviation jobs or roles in marketing is key. It could be the difference between a comfortable life and an extravagant one.

Even if you love the industry that you’re in, there’s every chance that there is a bigger and better role out there. Do your research on where the money is – without losing your passion – and work your way towards those goals.

Person: Indra Nooyi

Lesson: The ladder can be climbed one rung at a time.

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If you’re working for a great company, why change?

We live in a world where people demand instant results and overnight success. In reality, it rarely works quite like that. Indra Nooyi is living proof that it’s OK to work your way up the ladder by taking multiple roles and promotions en route to the top. She also shows that you can make the journey from inside one company.  

Noori joined PepsiCo in 1994 and played a key role in acquiring Tropicana before being named CFO in 2001. She later became CEO in 2007 and, by 2011, was named the fourth most powerful woman in the world. Pepsi even outgrew Coca-Cola on market value while Noori has continued to thrive in every facet. While Noori’s journey at Pepsi hardly started at the bottom, it shows that you can climb up the ladder. Getting your foot in the door is often the hardest challenge.  

While nobody wants to take too many steps in the wrong direction, taking a junior role is nothing to fear. As long as the long-term prospects are strong, your lifetime earnings can still be huge. Just make sure that you still have good financial health in the immediate future.  

Person: Steve Jobs

Lesson: It’s OK to fail and bounce back.   

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The road to success won’t always be smooth.

The world of business is littered with stories of people that have failed and then bounced back to achieve truly great things. However, there is probably no better example than Steve Jobs. Not only did the founder of Apple fail. He was sacked by the company! Of course, this was the incentive for the genius to return to the drawing board before returning to make the company better than ever.  

Apple Computers would go on to transform the world of computing, cell phone technology, and music forever. The iPhone, iTunes, MacBook, and iPad are all terms that are recognized around the globe. Meanwhile, Apple is now worth 1% of the world’s GDP. This is made all the more mind-blowing by the fact that Jobs was once considered a failure.  

So, if your first career or business idea didn’t quite go to plan, there’s no need to wave the white flag. You still have time to make a success of things. Whether it’s writing a new resume or a new business plan, taking the right steps today can bring a brighter tomorrow.  

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