How To Deal With Anxiety While Writing A Dissertation

Excitement for significant achievements can quickly turn into anxiety. For some people, acknowledging that they are about to accomplish something often has them questioning whether they are up for it or capable. You are likely to lose focus the minute these thoughts creep into your mind while writing your dissertation. You end up worrying about things, which, in turn, leads to losing time.

Once you realize that you are lagging on your work, you start panicking. At some point, you might worry that you aren’t doing your best, which means you end up procrastinating until you can do your best. The thing is, dissertation anxiety is common. Many people experience it, but only some learn to deal with it.

The key to handing this type of anxiety and procrastination is awareness. Here are some questions you can ask to help you navigate such moments;

1. What am I feeling?

Take time to listen to your body. First, you need to identify the triggers. Try to understand the things that make you spiral. Doing this allows you to take control of the things that happen next. This will enable you to deal with the anxiety instead of catastrophizing.

The best way to do this is to examine how you talk to yourself in such moments. This is crucial because the things you say to and about yourself matter. They will determine whether you get back to work or you continue wasting time worrying.

2. How valid are my feelings?

Trying to validate your feelings gives you time to interact with the facts in a situation. It allows you to examine the root issue and deal with it head-on. When dealing with anxiety procrastination, you need to dissect your thoughts and opinions. Ask yourself the following questions;

  • Who told you that? Often, you realize that you are creating scenarios in your head. While everything you think stems from something, not all of it is valid.
  • Why do you think that? Analyse the things that inform your opinion. Sometimes, you find that the anxiety is seeping from a different aspect of your life. Once you have an answer, it is easy to deal with the issue, and then get back to working on your dissertation.

3. What can I do about the way I am feeling?

There’s always the next step; you just need to find out what it is, based on what you want, how you feel, and the extent of your access. Dealing with dissertation anxiety sometimes means getting help. Delegating the work to professionals allows you to take a break from the strain. When doing this, you need to ensure that the online service offers customised dissertation writing help in the UK. Additionally, they should guarantee high-quality results. The last thing you want after finding someone to help you is getting bad results.

4.  How much time do I have?

Another major cause of dissertation anxiety is time. When you realize that deadlines are coming up, and you are off your schedule, you are bound to panic. The best thing to do is to define the tasks at hand and the amount of time you have. You can then divide them based on several things, including priority and how demanding they are.

Having a clear picture helps you decide whether you can handle everything. In case you can’t, don’t fret; you can always get help with dissertation writing. Ensure that everyone contributing understands the timeline you are working with to avoid any inconveniences.

5.  How do I get out of this feeling?

Some days, it’s okay to wallow in your worry to find out what is causing it. However, this is not a healthy or accessible approach for many people. After sitting with the anxiety, or instead of it, it’s best to device a routine to get yourself out of the rut.

One effective activity you can include in the routine is organizing your work area. Writing dissertations can get messy. This disorganization in your physical space can lead to anxiety. Thus, you can use the times when you don’t feel like working to clear your space.

Remove all the unnecessary items and only keep the ones you might need for the day. This also helps in making the task look and feel more manageable.

6. How much progress have I made?

It might seem like a lot of work, but keeping track of the things you have accomplished so far in the dissertation helps you see progress. This is crucial when you might feel like you aren’t doing much, despite the effort you are making. Therefore, you should set time to evaluate how much you have done from the moment you committed to doing the dissertation. This will make you feel good about yourself.

Keeping track of the work you are doing is also a great way to ensure that you can effectively communicate what you need when you seek a dissertation help service.

The best way to do this is to create a folder with all the files and documents you are using. Then, create backups in a different location. It is essential to have more than one backup to avoid frustrations.


Sometimes, when you feel the need to procrastinate, you need a break. When you are exhausted, or your motivation dips, you know that whatever you deliver will not meet the standard you want it to. Instead of working in that state, it would be best to look through your options of dissertation help online and let professionals handle the task at hand. You get to rest and come back with more energy, without compromising on your timeline

Learning to manage dissertation anxiety is a process. You will need to ask yourself these questions and answer them often to make the impact of your answers permanent. Ultimately, with continued practice, they become second to nature. That way, the minute you start experiencing it, you counter the effects before they send you spiralling.

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