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It’s a rare blogger who doesn’t want to know how to promote their blog and make it more popular with the audience. Now that hordes of people spend countless hours per day on the Internet, anyone can win over followers and become famous by doing something that represents certain value to others. The relatively short history of the Digital Age has seen lots of tremendous cases where bloggers like Pat Flynn, Michelle Gardner, Tucker Max, Neil Patel, and others managed to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars doing what they are most passionate about. But contrary to the popular belief, starting a blogging career isn’t something that can be built in a day (or even a month.) Winning over followers, creating worthwhile content, and keeping abreast of the competition, which is truly fierce in blogging, is quite a challenging task. No wonder, many beginner bloggers give up on their endeavors shortly after having started their blog or vlog. If you’ve ventured to try your hand at blogging or already have one, chances are you’re sifting through various ideas searching for the effective methods to make your blog more attractive, popular, and thus profitable. Below are some tips that might come in handy in your blogging journey. 

Write About Proven Topics 

Note that every blog has its own niche and focus. Don’t attempt to write about ‘everything’ just to attract a wider audience. It’s impossible to cover all topics that might interest the public for the time being. Instead, hone in on something you’re knowledgeable and passionate about. If you’re keen on what you’re doing, your readers will undoubtedly see and appreciate your endeavors.   

If you specialize in such topics as marketing, real estate, law, or finance, you need to make sure to present only relevant and verified information to your readers. The Internet is already teeming with fake news, gossip, and distorted facts that allegedly come from trustworthy sources. Not to disappoint or scare off your audience, try your best to rely on and consult the only reputable sources to ascertain the facts you’re sharing with readers. 

Tap into the Power of Statistics 

Many people are convinced that statistical data are boring. But you probably don’t know yet how statistics can aid your blog and boost its popularity. 

As it has been noted earlier, your audience will appreciate it if you back up your personal opinions and judgements with relevant data obtained from dedicated sources. If used sparingly, statistics can help you make your content look more impressive and reliable. 

What’s more, figures can go a long way towards helping you arrange and publish content more efficiently. You might not know, but…● Blogs get the highest traffic on Monday mornings● Blogs that are posted on Thursdays get the most social shares● People that blog on a daily basis get 4 times the sales leads than people who or less often

Though dry and devoid of creativity, statistics can help you remain interesting for your audience and be a more effective blogger. 

Use Quotes and Real-Life Examples 

We all need inspiration from time to time. And your blog is the place where they can find it. 

There is nothing more inspiring and encouraging than real-life stories. Your audience wants to know they are not alone, that there’s someone they can relate to. So, if you’re writing about depression or divorce, you can share not only your thoughts about the problem, but you’re your personal experience, provided you have one. People will appreciate your frankness and start visiting your blog regularly. Also, don’t forget to share success stories, as well. You want to motivate your readers by telling them real-life stories of people who have managed to overcome obstacles on the road to success, recognition, or recovery. 

Adding quotes to your narrative may sound cliché, but people really like seeing them on blogs. The plain fact is that quotes act as great motivators that can cheer up and lift one’s mood. People tend to attribute more power to quotes because they are created by the knowledgeable, reputable, and authoritative. An apt quote used in the right place at the right time can spruce up your content and make your article more interesting and informative. ● Useful tips. You can incorporate quote visuals from living influencers, particularly within your industry. This will increase the odds that influencers will engage with your content or respond to your post. It’s also a good idea to enliven your quotes with fun GIFs, which you can make yourself with Giphy, a fast and easy-to-use app for creating animated GIFs. If you are looking for GIF and Video merger tool, check out Clipchamp

Use Infographics 

The attention span of modern readers is also quite limited, which is one of the byproducts of our increasingly digitized lifestyles. It comes as no surprise that people are more likely to engage with visually appealing content, which is a prerequisite for a successful and profitable blog. So, your posts should be not only informative, but also concise and well-structured. That’s where infographics may come in particularly handy. 

If you want to create a how-to guide, provide step-by-step instructions, tutorials, or just explain something to your readers by visually presenting data-driven information, you can rely on infographics. You can use engaging visuals to communicate your message in a more effective and understandable manner. What’s more, Infographics can be shared on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media websites. You do not need to write lengthy posts with infographics. Just write a simple paragraph presenting the information, use keywords that rank, and your post is ready. ● Useful tips. Use dedicated tools to create eye-catching infographics for your posts. Canva offers a wide selection of custom templates that will help you create the best infographics. 

Add Videos 

That fact that you write engaging content is really praiseworthy. But it’s also a great idea to add videos to your blog. This will help you deepen your connection with the current audience and reach out to new followers. 

You can also make a video to summarize the main points mentioned in your article and post it on social media. As you might know, short videos get the most engagement, and you can always provide the link to the extended version in the description below your video. 

A short video sharing telling your viewers more about you and your blog is a great way to give it a personal touch. Such videos should be under two minutes and focused on the story behind your brand. ● Useful tips. Using video and photo editing software can help you enhance your videos and make them more attractive. Movavi is an excellent all-in-one video maker boasting lots of advanced features for the best video projects. Use it on Mac and Windowsdevices to add effects, titles, stickers, and many more to your videos. You can also create, share, and edit videos online with Soapbox, a handy Chrome extension that makes the video-creation process a breeze. 


Blogging can be challenging and time-consuming. But if you’re truly passionate about what you’re doing and eager to tell your story not for the sake of fame and money, but because you believe it has a value, it is well worth the time and effort you spend on it. Hopefully, our simple tips will help you move in the right direction and become a virtuoso in the blogging art. 

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