How To Look Your Best For A Night Out

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Congratulations! You made it through the COVID-19 pandemic; you’re vaccinated, and you’re ready to party! However, you’ve spent the last 15+ months in leggings, sweats, and/or pajamas (no judgement). You haven’t opened your mascara in months, and your nails have been bitten down to the quick. Your friends want to meet out for drinks and dancing. What are you going to do? Makeover time! Take this opportunity to purge and start anew.

Here’s your checklist for all the necessities for the first of many nights out for the rest of 2021 and all the years to come. Remember, we are crafting a new normal, take this time to set the tone for your celebrations and pick and choose with whom and how you want to spend your energy. 

1. Find an outfit

You spend a whole day rifling through the back of your closet. The problems are endless. Your pre-pandemic clothes don’t fit right. They are all from the 2010’s anyway, and it’s the roaring 20s now. Your wardrobe needs revamping and the pending night out is the perfect excuse. 

You want something that will be comfortable, sexy, and show off that body you spent all of quarantine working on. You know you will be rocking that dance floor, and you want to wear something that will really kick it up a notch and catch the eye of the hottie you are sure to notice at the bar. 

If none of your clothes are quite hitting the excitement level you are going for, check out rave clothing for daring, retro, and fun clothes and accessories. It’s time to carve out a whole new look, exploring fun colors, patterns, and styles in the new post-COVID world.

This is also a prime opportunity to overhaul your top drawer. If you’ve been wearing the same handful of comfy granny panties all pandemic, use this time to update your undergarments. This is especially important if you have gained or lost weight, or experienced body recomposition.

*A note on masks. Even though the mask mandate has been lifted, masks are still required on public transportation and certain areas are still encouraging mask use. You may still see people wearing masks for a variety of reasons. Remember, some people may not be vaccinated; they may be protecting unvaccinated people with whom they live. And if you are still uncomfortable being without a mask, you can always ensure you are coordinating with your fabulous new outfit.

2. Shoes 

Sorry, no slippers at the club. You know you need new kicks to go with your sexy new outfit. Whether you are looking for heels, wedges, flats, or boots, a fashionista can never have too many shoes. Maybe you expanded your collection during quarantine, and you have a new pair to show off. If not, you can’t go wrong with starting a subscription to JustFab, ShoeDazzle, or a similar company. Many of them also offer jewelry, bags, and even clothes to get in your monthly box.

While you’re at it, that singular pair of sneakers you’ve been wearing on the rare occasion you leave your house probably need to be replaced. And if you have been doing any home workouts or neighborhood running, it is important to replace your workout and running shoes every six months for optimum support.

3. Hair

Once you have your look, you need to do your hair. You recently hit the salon for a complete overhaul of your roots and to chop off those split ends. Perhaps you picked a whole new hair color or style or just got highlights and lowlights. 

But you don’t want to head back to the salon before your outing. Try your hand at easy DIY hair styling with the InStyler hair curler. Whether you wear your hair up, down, or half-way, one easy-to-use tool will straighten or curl, all while adding volume to your hair in minutes. Spray on some hairspray and gloss and you’re ready to catch the lights on the dance floor with your lustrous mane.

Just in case you missed it, butterfly clips are back. Throw a few of those tiny, colorful, glittery bad boys in your hair to keep it back from your gorgeous face and up off your neck; it gets hot while you’re dancing.

4. Make up

Whether you’re a make-up artist or rarely swipe on eyeliner, for your first night out in what feels like forever, you want to step it up a notch. Check out your favorite influencer for a new look and do a few practice runs before your evening to get the look down. 

Maybe you spent quarantine practicing new make-up looks and mastering the art of contouring. Get ready to rock those skills with your favorite make-up palette. 

If you haven’t rocked make-up in awhile, it is probably time to completely restock your collection. Make-up does expire. In addition to the fact that all your old palettes are probably teeming with bacteria. Scrap all your old make-up, and invest in some quality, cruelty free make-up. There are tons of options including: Fenty, Covergirl, TooFaced, and E.L.F, many of which are available at your local Walmart or CVS.

Many of those brands also offer cruelty free skin care. And it’s super important to wash all that off before you go to sleep at the end of the night. If you are uncertain if you make it home, stash some make-up remover wipes in your purse.

5. Nails

You can head to the nail salon for a complete mani-pedi self-love sesh before the party. Many salons are still social distancing and have increased their already-stringent hygiene practices. Or maybe you levelled up your nail art skills during quarantine, and your mani-pedi game is on point and ready to show off.

If you aren’t an expert nail artist, you can try gel nails at home. There are a plethora of kits available, and at-home gel nails can last as long as those done by a professional. Nail wraps are another easy, DIY option that can provide a professional look from the comfort of your own home. Both gel nails and nail wraps offer no drying time, allowing you to get onto the next step of your makeover.

6. Safety

You’re heading out with your friends. Have a game plan, a meet up location in case you get split up, and ensure you have a designated driver. Watch out for each other. While it is still an unfortunate reality, make sure you don’t leave your drink unattended. There are plenty of options available to help you protect yourself and your drink. Until times change, be proactive in protecting yourself and your friends.

It is all too easy to misplace important items while you are out. Whether it’s your keys, wallet/purse, or cell phone, don’t leave anything behind while club hopping. Products like Tile, AirTag, or Chipolo One can help you ensure you don’t leave anything behind.

The world has changed. You are allowed to change with it. Use these opportunities to explore new locations, especially if your old haunts are closed for good. Make sure you stay safe and tip your waitstaff and bartenders. And most of all, have fun!

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