How To Live Sustainably In 2021

How to live sustainably in 2021

Humanity is the steward of this world. Every negative impact that humans do on the environment can jeopardize an opportunity to live in a healthy ecosystem.   

There might be less news about environmental problems nowadays due to the more pressing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the world is still as fragile as it is over the past few years. There are still forest fires, plastic pollution, and overfishing around the world without the media’s knowledge. The world isn’t saved yet, after all. There must be a good change—a change that must be done not only by a few people, but all the people worldwide.  

On the bright side, a simple tweak in your everyday routine and activities can make a difference. That is if you can live life sustainably. To live a sustainable lifestyle is meeting your human needs without needing extra luxury or resources that can likely harm the planet. It’s a lifestyle that could give the next generations the chance to see and live in the beauty of the world.  

If you weren’t able to achieve a sustainable life in 2020, it’s still not too late to do it now. Here’s how you can live sustainably and be more eco-conscious this 2021:

1. Go For Eco-Friendly Products 

If you really don’t want to harm the environment, then using eco-friendly products is the best way. Countless benefits coincide with using all-natural products. These products are centered on the health and wellbeing of the planet, as well as of humans. 

There are many different types of eco-friendly products nowadays, and each of them is made of materials that don’t harm the environment. These products include straws made of bamboo or metals, reusable bags that are much more durable than plastic ones, and recycled accessories that are safe to use, among many others.

2. Dress Sustainably 

The idea of starting a sustainable wardrobe may not be as daunting as you think. You can choose fabrics made of alternative materials, such as plant-based fibers, like cactus leather, sugarcane, and bamboo. In fact, you can start including men’s bamboo underwear in your closet. These provide full support and aren’t saggy, unlike the normal ones. What’s great is that there’s a huge variety of eco-friendly comfy boxer briefs that you can choose from; there’s no scarcity of them in the market!

3. Reduce Energy And Water Usage 

Simple steps can help lessen your electricity and water bills. To reduce your energy usage, turn off all unnecessary lights and appliances, change your lights to LED bulbs since they last longer than a CFL, use solar chargers, let the sun charge your smartphones or tablets, and air dry your clothes instead of using the dryer. 

To reduce your water usage, it’s as simple as turning off the tap properly when not in use. As much as possible, quit washing your clothes too many times unnecessarily.

4. Reduce Plastic Use 

Ditch plastics. Why?  Because plastic takes millions of years to decompose. It’s so unfortunate that not all people dispose of their plastic wastes properly. Most plastics end up in the ocean, endangering every marine life. Therefore, reducing your use of plastic is the most effective way of saving the planet. 

5. Start Composting 

If you want to be environmentally friendly while adding nutrient-rich humus to your garden or backyard, it’s time to start composting. You can compost either carbon or nitrogen-based materials, such as wood pellets, table scraps, leaves, etc. Make your garden thrive by creating a compost pit while offering a natural alternative to fertilizers at the same time. 

6. Recycle Everything 

Recycling has become a widely known method to live sustainably. It’s good for the environment, and it’s easy to do. If you decide not to throw your old products, you can utilize them for something new. Make use of your remaining resources and be creative. Whether it’s a plastic bottle or old pages of a magazine, you can make these ordinary materials into something extraordinary.

7. Plant Trees

Trees give off oxygen, which is essential for humans to breathe. Being able to spend time around trees helps in reducing stress and the urban heat effect. You can participate in tree planting programs in your community, or you can plant trees yourself in your backyard. They provide beautiful landscapes, and they’ve been providing food, protection, and homes for everyone since time immemorial. 


People have been careless in the way they treat the earth. There have been many environmental problems occurring almost everywhere, and making a change is the only answer. Practice lessening your and your family’s negative impacts on the earth’s natural resources. It’s already the year 2021, but it’s not yet too late. Based on the ways mentioned above, it’s now your choice to live sustainably and protect the environment.

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