Eco-Friendly Accessories That Offer Sustainability and Style

recycled jewelry for eco-friendly fashion

More people are beginning to see the importance of practicing eco-friendly lifestyles. In recent years, consumers now prefer buying from businesses that are more environmentally conscious and offer products and services that can reduce a person’s carbon footprint. This can range from organic shampoos with longer expiration dates to businesses that offer reusable packaging instead of single-use plastics.

The fashion industry is no exception, with more consumers preferring durable or recycled fashion over fast fashion. In fact, here are some trendy and fashionable accessories perfect for those looking for timeless style, practical uses, and eco-friendly materials.

Silicone Accessories

Whether it’s a silicone bracelet, silicone rings, or even silicone wedding bands, silicone-based accessories are becoming the new popular trend in fashion. What’s great about silicone accessories is that it can adjust to fit your body, so it’s perfect for those who are on the go but want to look stylish. These accessories don’t get in the way of your daily activities – you might even forget you’re wearing them in the first place!

Silicone may be plastic, but it’s much more durable and reusable than other plastics. So, it’s no surprise that silicone is finding its way to accessories as a replacement for other more affordable accessories that use plastics like fake gems or sequins that can be harmful to the environment.

Jewelry Made from Recycled Metal

Is metal jewelry more your style? The problem with mining metal to make jewelry is that most mining processes can affect the nearby ecosystem and produces a lot of pollution in the process. So, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for luxury metal jewelry or cheap coated jewelry that’s a waste of metal as it’s bound to tarnish, why not get jewelry made from durable recycled metals?

Plenty of small-time jewelers and bigger jewelry brands make sure no metals go to waste by turning bits of recycled metal into fashionable jewelry pieces. And considering that only 30 percent of metals are recycled, isn’t it time we all take responsibility and opt for the sustainable choice by helping businesses that try to recycle old metal?

Lab-Grown Diamonds

The process to mine diamonds is highly problematic. Aside from the recorded violence and exploitation in developing countries where diamonds are mined, irresponsible diamond mining has led to soil erosion and deforestation, and the death of natural ecosystems because of the industrial machinery and practices harmful to the environment.

Natural diamonds in your rings, therefore, pose a threat to the environment. But lab-grown diamonds are a greener solution. If you put a natural diamond and lab-grown diamond together, you can’t tell the difference between the two. Even their compositions and price ranges are similar. The only difference is the certification and rarity, so if it’s the fashion you’re after, opting for the greener solution shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s nice to look fashionable because it can make you more confident about the way you look in front of other people. But looking good isn’t an excuse to support practices harmful to the environment, and these examples show that it is possible to wear fashionable accessories while still being eco-conscious and taking steps to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

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