How To Know When It’s Time To Move Into A New Home

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When you know that the time has come to start looking for a new home, the feeling can be compared to falling for someone. This is a familiar feeling that resonates with you and you may find it difficult to explain the reasons as to why you are feeling the way that you do. 

What you do know is that it was not like this, to begin with. You used to love your home and you felt happy living there since it provided shelter from the elements, and it was a HOME that you always wanted. 

But then something happened, or perhaps it was many things that occurred, and you are now starting to notice those tell-tale signs that the time has come to move on. The time has arrived for that change that you need, and perhaps it should have been something you did years ago. 

To assist you in deciding what is best for your needs and your family, here are 5 top signs that it may be time to start looking for another house

#1 Your Home Feels Too Small

The most common indication that it is time to start looking for another home is when your current house is becoming too cramped to accommodate all your needs. This often happens with “starter” homes. You might not remember the apartment or home being small from the start. So what happened?

Time has passed, and this can change a lot of things.

But how will you know you have outgrown the storage and living space in your current home? Here are a few tell-tale signs. 

– You start noticing storage boxes that start to appear against walls in one or more rooms.

– Do you have to wait your turn to use the bathroom a lot more often than usual?

– Are you playing peacemaker every time your children start a fight since they no longer want to share the same room?

– Has your family grown, and the living space is no longer enough? Yes, pets also count towards a family. 

– Does your kitchen feel like it has shrunk and is no longer big enough to prepare meals in?

All homes have that breaking point, and you might have also reached your breaking point in this regard. Re-organizing your house may help. Ridding your home of clutter may also help, making sure you get rid of everything you no longer need. You could also consider developing your basement.

But when either of these solutions is only temporary, then it may be time to upgrade to a larger home where everyone has their own space.

#2 Your Home Feels Too Big

This is the other end of the extreme. Similar to a home that has become too small, a big house may also be a great reason to start looking for a new house. 

One sign that it may be time to move is when you hear your own voice resonating echoes. If your children have grown up and left your family nest, the extra living space might not be something you are happy about. 

When rooms in your home remain unoccupied but bring back so many good and bad memories, it may not make sense to carry on paying for all that living space when nobody lives there anymore. The decision to downsize (move into a smaller home) usually also means fewer maintenance costs. 

If your current home requires a lot of maintenance and time, and you have just started appreciating more free time, this is a good reason to start looking for a smaller house, so that you can spend time on things that you actually enjoy. 

#3 Your Neighborhood Has Started To Decline

If your neighborhood has taken a turn for the worst, this is one of the best reasons to think about moving away as fast as you can. 

What may have once been a welcoming and nice neighborhood to start off with may now have become too noisy, dangerous, or unbearable for many valid reasons. 

You must take note of the initial signs that the neighborhood that you live in has started to take that downward spiral. It should beabout your peace of mind and general safety, but you should also think carefully about your initial investment and all the money you have spent on the home. The value of a home in a bad neighborhood often declines rather quickly. It could take months or even years for areas to return to their former appeal, charm, and reputation, and in many cases, this never happens. 

Constant noise, increased pollution, and an increasing crime rate are all the indicators that need to be taken seriously that it is time to start looking for a new house. It could even be your new neighbors that have caused you to start looking for another home. If you cannot stand the people next door, life can become miserable and at some stage, you will be forced to confront or deal with these people. 

If you cannot get along with your neighbors regardless of how hard you have tried, then the time is right to start looking for places where respectful, responsible, and well-mannered people prefer to live. 

#4 Your Home Has Turned Into A Money Pit

When you are in two minds on whether you should move home or not, you can solve this dilemma by checking on how much it is costing you to maintain your home. 

If your house is fairly old, it might have reached a stage whereby repair costs are starting to spiral out of control. If all the extra money that you earn is going into keeping your home running, it makes more sense to look for a new house rather than pouring all your money into that never-ending money pit. 

The correct management of maintenance costs is vital when you decide what you should be doing next. You might find out that it is costing you more to stay on top of the maintenance tasks for your apartment or home than the market worth of the property. 

If this is the case, it is time to think about hiring a removals company or moving companypacking your boxes and moving to a property that is more cost-effective before you lose any more money. 

#5 Your Home No Longer Brings You Joy

Let’s face it, you are probably not happy with the home you currently live in if you are trying to find out more about when you should move to a new home. 

If your joy and quality of life have started to suffer, it is important you do something to change this. This is when a home move sounds like music to the ears, particularly when you start to find exciting and new opportunities. 

Other Signs That It May Be Time To Start Looking For A New Home:

You spend a lot of your time driving to and from work. While you work out how much time you are spending each day on public transportation or in a car, also include how much you are spending on transportation. This may be an indication to find a home that is closer to where you work. If you are ready to move to your dream home, find home movers to make the transition as comfortable as possible.

You find yourself constantly complaining when it comes to the weather. Are you sick to death of the heat that never ends? Or maybe you cannot stand having to brave the snow every winter. Deciding to move to an area with a climate that is more agreeable might be the perfect solution you have been searching for. 

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1 Comment

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    August 30, 2021 at 7:48 am

    Well you have explained everything except pricing. you should mention average prices too. thanks for sharing this article.

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