How to Keep Your Nails Looking Fresh in Between Manicures

We all know that getting manicures can be pricey and time consuming and we can’t always find time to go to the nail shop. We can however, find ways to take care of our nails in between visits to make our lives a little easier. Here are some sure-fire tips to keep your nails looking fresh and healthy in between visits.

  • Get a good base coat that you can apply to your nails before you even get the manicure. One that has a rubber base so that your nail polish will not chip easily. Also, this will give the nail polish a more even tone.
  •  Apply a top coat of polish daily to protect your nails from being chipped and peeled. It is very convenient to buy a top coat that dries fast so that it can be applied before you go to sleep and there will be no marks when you wake up.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. It is important to always keep hand cream to moisturize your hands. You preferably want a hand cream that contains the ingredient biotin. This will soften your hands and nails for afresh feel and it is not too harsh or too mild.
  • Protect your hands when doing any manual work or housework. Wear cotton rubber gloves so there will be nothing to harsh to dry your hands and chip your polish. The cotton locks in the moisture so that your nails will be keeping its nutrients.
  • DO NOT use your nails as a tool, as in a can opener, knife, etc. This will definitely break your nails down slowly and make them weak.
  • Groom your cuticles. Push your cuticles back from time to time but do not cut the. Apply some oil on them and then gently push them back with a tool.
  • Clean your nails. Clean around and inside of the nail making sure no lotion, residue, dirt, or even some polish because this could prevent he polish from blending with the nail properly.
  • Keep your whole body nourished. When your body has all of its nutrients so does your nails. You should take vitamins (preferably biotin) to keep your nails healthy from the inside out.

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1 Comment

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