How To Keep Your Mental Health In Check When Working From Home

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When most of us are forced to work and live in the same space, protecting our mental health can be a real challenge. But if you want to stay healthy while working from home, you have to learn how to balance your home life and work properly.

Since we live in a crisis, checking in on our mental health is more crucial than ever. Whether you’re an extrovert who can’t find time for social activities or an introvert who seems to isolate yourself more while working remotely, this guide can help you out. Below are several practical and effective tips on how you can protect your mental health.

Create a personal routine

Let’s first talk about creating a personal routine that supports your mental health. For this, you can involve any task that keeps you motivated, happy, energized, and inspired. Most importantly, you’d want to include a solid bedtime strategy. Poor quality sleepcan lead to various mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Wake up every day at the same time, make your bed, and have a good breakfast.

It’s also best to allot extra time to do other self-care activities before you go to work. These can include working out, taking a walk outside for some fresh air, reading a book or writing in your journal for at least 15 minutes, listening to an inspiring podcast, or just having a quiet time with your coffee.

Don’t forget a work routine

You’d also need to have a work routine that you will stick to. Every night before you go to bed or every morning, spend a few minutes creating your to-do list for tomorrow. Highlight the three most important items to help you stay productive and focused for the day. Time blocking is a smart way to maintain a regular schedule. Apart from a daily to-do list, you can also set goals for the week and celebrate your wins.

Be sure to regularly re-evaluate your work schedule, at least weekly or monthly, and check if you’re spending your time and energy wisely. Lastly, starting and finishing your work at the same time every single day is also advisable.

Prioritize and improve your finances

We should put our energy and thoughts on several priorities in life, such as family time and healthy relationships, physical and mental health, self-improvement, and finances. Money may not buy happiness, but your life can literally fall apart if your finances are in chaos. According to a recent study from FlexJobs, remote employees typically save around $4,000 a year. Are you one of them? If not, it’s time to keep your finances in check.

Several studies show that financial issues significantly impact your mental health, leading to anxiety and depression. If you’re one of those who are paying off their mortgage lenders, credit card debts, or student loans, be sure to prioritize these first. Don’t forget to also pay yourself by setting aside money for personal savings or retirement. You can automate your finances for easier management. Even when you’re working from home, making a financial plan won’t help you reduce money problems and potential mental health issues.

Set boundaries for yourself

Certain ways can help you create serious boundaries while working from home. One is to create a dedicated workspace in the house, which helps physically and mentally separate your home and work life. Create a good home office with a comfy and ergonomic chair and wide desk.

It’s also important to take real lunch breaks. It’s ideal if you can prepare and cook healthy meals that will keep you energized for the rest of the day. It’ll help if you have someone to create a work buddy system and hold each accountable.

Another effective way is to control the information you consume every day. Limit media and news exposure when you’re working. To promote periods of productivity and focus, you can set timers on your social media apps or delete distracting ones. Furthermore, turn off work email notifications during your breaks or after working hours to let your body and mind take complete rest.

Working from home comes with tons of amazing perks, from being more productive, having more time with loved ones, to saving money. But if you won’t practice a good work-life balance, not only you won’t get those benefits, you’re also risking your health. Recognize the signs you’re struggling with working remotely and always find ways to have a consistent mental health routine. Avoid isolating yourself more and learn to control the chaotic situation.

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