These 3 Signs Will Help You Figure Out Which One of Your Friends Is Secretly a Hater

A woman’s instinct cannot be defeated. We know when something is fishy — we can smell it right under our noses. Why would you pay hundreds of dollars for a private investigator to see if your man is cheating with the woman next door when you can call up one of your girlfriends that can get the job done quicker than the pizza delivery guy? We never let our guard down and put nothing past anyone. Granted, us women do have that little soft spot in our hearts that sometimes we get blinded by – especially when people are secretly plotting against us (ie. that fake friend that envied you from the day she met you).

Do you think you might have a frenemy in your midst? Before she turns all of your friends against you and steals your man, use these three major signs to figure out which hating friend of yours is a little too close for comfort.

She’s sensitive AF and goes for the jugular

They are dangerous! Be very mindful of what and how you talk to your friend. Don’t ever joke around if you know they will be easily offended because the first thing she will do is hit you with a low blow and throw how your boyfriend left you for another woman right in your face. They will tell all of your business and I mean all of it. You should not have to walk on eggshells when you are around her or suppress your personality. It is not fair to your mental health. When you have a friend that makes you feel like every time she gets sensitive you want snatch your edges out, it’s time to distance yourself from the friendship.

She only calls you when she wants something…

For all my ninety babies, I’ sure you’ve heard this reference from the movie Friday. Felicia only came around when she needed something. She doesn’t want conversation or just a simple — “Hey, how are you doing?” She always needs something. That is one friend you do not need. Unfortunately, it can be kind of easy to be taken advantage of because if you follow girl code correctly, you should always be there for your friends no matter what. Not just because the need to, but that’s what real friends do. Don’t let the consistency of you always being there for her when she’s not there for you turn into a habit. If she wants financial and personal gains she needs to call her sugar daddy — not you!

She has a stray eye for anyone you date (or dated)

“Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, and hide yo’ husband.” I hate to say it, but if she shows jealousy because your man treats you right and her man treats her like a side chick, then she is most likely sliding through your man’s DM’s. Jealousy is an ugly trait. Stay far far away from a woman who can be secretly jealous of you. There is nothing wrong with spending a girl’s night out with your girls every other weekend while your man sits at home. But that one night where you just want to be laid up under your baby and all of the sudden your friend throws a temper tantrum because of it – know that she is jealous of you, boo!

Look, I know you want those cute “#friendshipgoals” posts you see on Instagram, but face it. Your friend should never be your enemy. Friendships are one of the most important relationships that you should have. Sometimes we do not see it coming because we always try to see the good in people. Sometimes giving people benefit of the doubt can be your downfall. If you read these steps thoroughly and they apply to you, you should probably re-evaluate your circle of friends and alter your movements.

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