How To Create The Perfect CV For A Job In Finance

A CV is a document containing information about a person’s academic and professional qualification history. It’s an abbreviation of Curriculum Vitae, meaning a “course of life” in Latin. In theory, HR specialists distinguish between a CV and a resume. The CV is a more detailed document about the applicant, while in the resume, the content is more concise. But in practice, many people do not know how to differentiate them, and when they say CV or resume, they mean the same thing.

A CV must contain detailed information about the following:

  • Summary – a summary of the applicant and objectives of applying for a job.
  • Personal Details – full name, contact details, social media accounts links.
  • Education – institution, degree, scholarships, grants, researches, publications.
  • Experience – company name, position in a company, applicant’s responsibilities, and accomplishments.
  • Professional Training – institution name, the topic of the training, certificate of completion.
  • Volunteering Experience – all the details regarding the volunteering tasks you’ve completed.

It is also necessary to note personal and professional skills, hobbies and interests, language skills, and any information that may be useful to present the applicant as a suitable candidate. The information should be arranged chronologically, starting from the most current one.

Remember that it isn’t always possible to find a job in a short time, even if you have an excellent resume. If you’ve suddenly lost your job and you need funds for small expenses until you find a new workplace, you can use the Payday Depot service.

CV Builders

Many different platforms provide templates for CV building. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Europass CV – This is a standardized official European format for CV making. You need to create your profile, fill in your information and download the CV – it’s completely free!
  • Canva – A graphic design platform providing a big set of functionality, including CV making. You can use its templates for free and purchase paid subscription plans for extra features.
  • – A professional platform with free and paid functions, where you can find CV templates organized by industry, one of which is Accounting & Finance. It’s not just a platform that provides templates but also gives guidelines for effective CV writing. Besides, you can find cover letter templates and writing tips by industry categories, which is very convenient. 

Important Tools for Finance Specialists

If you work in the financial sector, there are tools that you need to bring up in your CV if you are familiar with them. First of all, we want to mention MS Excel. Many people use it for simple calculations, but in fact, it has a huge functionality. For example, you can connect to different databases and create complex financial reports based on the data you receive. Another tool is CRM. These are complex programs designed to manage customer relationships, such as purchase and payment history, provided invoices in detail, etc. There is plenty of such software out there, one of them being Salesforce Financial Services.

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