How to Create Systems to Keep Your Business Running while on Vacation

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Passport and pampering season is upon us, and for BAUCES that have been working twice as hard this year to hustle throughout the madness — we can’t say that it isn’t needed. Yet, as we plan to take off and prepare to be “on the go,” we have to make sure that our duties at home are keeping up with the pace.

It can be hard, at first, to navigate how to keep operations afloat while you’re away. What good can a vacation do if you come back home to more stress than when you left? Though, with simple tips, a good game plan, and a creative mind — nothing is too big to stop the show.

Not sure how to start? BAUCE has compiled a few options to keep your business running while on vacation.


In the age of all things social, good content is one of the many things that fuel an audience to attempt in connecting with a brand. No matter the market, staying abreast with the times is a smart way to establish customers among all demographics. So, once you’ve got a good content library going and have set expectations for your audience to see, things can’t stop because you’re out of town.

To keep a streak of consistent posting while on vacation, make sure to plan your content in advance to leave space for when you’re away from your phone. Applications such as Hootsuite and Planoly can help you schedule posts automatically while also getting a visual of how things may turn out.


Have you ever heard the saying that people coming running for you when you’re no longer available? Well, not only does that happen in life — it happens with work too. Like we said before, business nor inquiries don’t stop just because you step away. Don’t let new opportunities pass you by because you can’t be contacted. Expect clients and customers to reach out to you when you’re away and prepare accordingly.

This means setting an automated Email response within your inbox, website, or socials and updating any delivery policies as needed. Another great system to build into your online platform would be an automated help-desk responder that can answer frequently asked questions on command.


Teamwork makes the dream work. If you work with a team or have hired your staff, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. The squeakiest tire always gets the oil. If you need to divide up tasks within your absence, or just prep them that you will be missing for a few days, do so.

You can use different chatting and planning platforms to keep in contacts with them such as Priority Matrix, Slack, or Telegram. Make sure to provide them with a useful contact within your absence, and that all roles and rules are set before you depart.


While we’d always love to hope for the best, we also have to remember that things do not always go perfectly. We can do as much as we can, but at the end of the day, we have to assess the reality of our businesses. Part of making sure that everything runs smoothly is also accounting for the time that it doesn’t.

Providing a precise loss prevention plan within your absence will be key to keeping your sanity when you return. You’d hate if something horrible, unplanned, or uncalled for happened and you’re stuck like a deer in headlights. Prepare to tackle any possible problem as quickly as possible to move on from a loss just as quickly as it happened.


Setting up shop right after vacation can be a pretty daunting task. Sometimes it takes even longer than usual due to the feeling of coming down from a relaxation high. This, in turn, could prolong the work you need to do when you return.

So, to prevent this problem, organize everything before you leave like you’re coming in the next day. Make a to-do list of all the tasks you’ll need to complete when you get back, set out any files or documents that need to be assessed, and tidy up so that you can get back to your space with a clear mind and an even clearer desk. That way, it’s not something that’s hanging over your head when you’re heading back home, and you’re able to get right back into the flow of things when it’s time to get to work.

Stepping away from our duties isn’t just relaxing, it’s necessary. We must allow ourselves time to recharge so that we can keep the energy that went into reaching for our dreams at bay. Once we overwork ourselves, that power can begin to fade.

So, it is important to not only prepare for your on-days but to also prepare for the off ones that keep you just as empowered.

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