How to Create an Elegant Garden

An unkempt garden can be overwhelming and off-putting. You may even be reluctant to invite guests over due to the wild appearance of your outdoor spaces. However, there are some simple tips you can use to redesign your garden and make it look elegant. With enough care and attention, you could even make your outdoor space look like a smaller version of the gardens of country estates. Keep on reading to find out more.

Plant trees

To add dimension to your garden and enhance its beauty, you should definitely consider planting trees. There are many types of trees to suit any taste or style, including evergreen trees, which are perfect for creating a solid hedge or natural screen, and flowering trees, which look stunning in the spring. You can also experiment with different tree sizes by planting both oak trees and Japanese maple trees in your garden. Japanese maples can even be planted in pots due to their small size, meaning they can be placed anywhere you’d like.

Create zones

The key to elegance in your garden is neatness and design. A wild garden may look romantic, but it can’t be elegant if the paths are overgrown and there’s no method to the madness. To achieve elegance, it’s a good idea to create zones in your garden so that everything has a place. For example, you can have separate areas for flowers, seating, and even a vegetable patch. This will keep your garden neat, functional, and beautiful.

Maintain lawn

Another way to make your garden look more elegant and less wild is to maintain the lawn. Keeping the grass at a uniform length will help your garden look neater, and removing weeds around garden paths or on the lawn will make it look well-maintained. To maintain your lawn, you should mow it once every two weeks for most of the year and once a week in the summer. If your grass tends to get very dry and brown in the summer, you could try saving some rainwater to water it in dry weather. 

Seating area

To create an elegant seating area in your garden, you could buy comfortable chairs and tables that match each other and arrange them in a separate zone. Use a consistent color scheme to make everything look harmonious. Additionally, placing your furniture under a pergola will create a clearly defined seating area and make the space look more stylish and elegant. When it starts to rain or when it’s very hot and sunny, you could place a cover on top of your pergola to add protection from the weather.

Water feature

Perhaps one of the most elegant touches you can add to your garden is a water feature. Waterfall features are particularly beautiful, and the sound of trickling water can be extremely relaxing. You can position this feature anywhere in your garden, but if you want to make it a centerpiece, place it in the middle of your garden as the main focal point. A birdbath would also be an excellent centerpiece in your garden.

To transform your garden from unkempt to elegant, try out the ideas listed above. By following this advice, you’ll have a neat and beautiful garden in no time. 

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