How To Come Home Safely After A Party

Weekends and holidays are full of young people partying everywhere they can, from private houses to parks and forests. Most of the time, alcohol and other substances are no strangers, as they can make people more fun and relaxed. However, besides some health risks involved, drinking or smoking can influence your behavior in many ways. That’s why it is so essential to make sure that you are safe before having a drink. 

Here, you will find some tips on how to come home safely after a party, so nothing bad will happen to you. It involves hydrating yourself some time before you plan on going home, reaching out to a friend for help, calling appropriate drivers who can take you home, and many more. Read on and make sure that you have nothing to worry about!

Never Drive Drunk

You should know that you can be fined if caught drunk-driving, so you should consider leaving your car at home if you plan to drink. A lot of people make this mistake and drive under the influence every weekend but do not realize the amount of responsibility behind it and how dangerous it can be. If you drink too much, it is best to get a cab or call someone who can take you home.

Even if your friends persuade you to join them for another party, never get in the car if they want to drive drunk somewhere. It is best just to take a cab or walk home if necessary.

Get a Cab

It is always better to plan ahead and ask someone to pick you up. Even if you do not have a ride, there is no reason to worry. Just call a cab or a friend who has a car to come and get you. For most people, this is the safest way to go home, as you do not have to worry about anything. 

Besides, many taxi services now offer convenient payment options as well as confirm drivers’ experience on the road. If you do not know which taxi or rideshare service to choose, you can check out this post at to compare the companies from the drivers’ perspective.

Call Someone Who Can Take You Home

There is no need to take risks or put yourself in danger by walking home alone. It is always better to leave with someone else. Call a friend or a family member and ask them to drive you home or pick you up. Do not be ashamed of contacting these people, as they are definitely more than willing to help you out.

Hydrate Yourself Beforehand

It is essential to drink plenty of water before and during the party because your body can become dehydrated under alcohol’s influence. If you are not well hydrated beforehand, your body may not handle the alcohol you consume. Make sure that you drink a glass of water each time before taking any alcoholic beverage.

Eat Food Beforehand

When you are drinking, you tend to lose your appetite. However, this does not mean that you should skip all meals before heading out to a party. Make sure that you eat a full meal at least two hours before drinking. This way, your body will be able to process the alcohol much better, and you won’t get sick during the party or get a bad hangover the next day.

Make Sure You Know Your Limits

If you do not know your limits, you should learn them by paying attention to how you feel when drinking. You should never drink so much that you do not remember what happened during the night. That’s why it is so important to drink responsibly and make sure that you are safe when going home.

Wear Weather-Appropriate Clothing

It is essential to dress weather-appropriate when going out, and it is especially crucial if you plan on getting home late when it will be colder outside. Make sure that your clothes will not get wet or too cold when it is raining. For example, wearing a jacket is one of the most convenient options, as it can protect you from the wind, rain, and even the cold.

Keep An Eye on Your Drink

If someone offers you a drink from an open container, do not accept it right away. Ask them first where they got it from and make sure that it is safe for you to drink it. Never share your drinks with anyone either, as they may have put something in it without you noticing. And do not let anyone top your glass off for you either.

Stay Away From Drugs and Other Substances

Although some substances theoretically can make the party more exciting, practically, they can be very dangerous and even fatal. Always stay away from other people’s drugs as they may contain much more than just one substance. If possible, avoid taking any kind of substance at all, and stick only with drinks and food.

Go With a Friend

Going with a friend or several friends can be a great option, especially if you do not know the location. This way, you do not have to worry about anything, and you can get home safely. That’s why it is so important to make sure that you have a responsible friend next to you who will always keep an eye on you.

Call Your Parents if You Have To

If your parents are worried about you, they will definitely be willing to come to pick you up. Just call them up and let them know where you are so they know you are safe. There is no need to worry about getting in trouble either, as they will most likely be happy to help you out.


No matter the situation, always make sure that you are home safe before doing anything else. It is much better to take your time to prepare yourself for the party, which includes eating beforehand, keeping yourself hydrated, dressing weather-appropriate, and deciding which taxi service to order in advance. 

Do not try to be a hero by walking home alone, as you may regret it later. Plan ahead, keep yourself safe, and remember to have fun!

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