How to Choose a Startup Office Space for Women Businesses


Each day a new business gets registered in the UK. All companies must require a flexible workspace that’s fully equipped for all genders. A space where one can be creative. An outlet to work with comfort and complete professionalism. While keeping in mind, it’s all under a budget.

We are here to guide you through selecting a startup office space, especially for women businesses where one can take care of feminine needs and other basic office requirements.

Basic requirements and other flexible amenities include making private calls, holding meetings, daycare, on-site gym, food services, and brainstorming to develop creative and innovative ideas with your team.

It’s established that a positive office environment stimulates excellent work and boosts confidence and, consequently, success, so let’s get to those guidance points.

Choose an overall convenient location:

Choosing a business site isn’t an easy job. It’s crucial to evaluate all factors and, if possible, get your employees’ input. It will play a huge role in accumulating a healthy office environment.

Make sure the site is suitable for every employee involved. Even if the price is a bit lower in certain parts of town, you will need to choose a location that makes each employee feel safe and comfortable.

You don’t want your workers to feel uncomfortable and at risk of any uneventful incident going to and from work.

Plan cost-effective amenities:

Now that you have locked down a safe place, you need to ask yourself and your employees what amenities you are looking for in your workspace and figure out what you are willing to compromise as a group.

You can discuss a few amenities with your team like strong WiFi, dedicated desks with locked cabinets, light refreshments and snacks corner, a multi-purpose creative studio, a pump room, daycare, etc.

After considering the desired amenities, factor cost into the equation. It’s essential to stay on budget and find that happy medium. Select a company or space that gives you the most in your budget.

At times, it’s worth spending a little extra to keep your employees happy, but straying away from the budget is never a wise decision.

Hence, it’s important to prioritise your amenities to make the maximum out of your investment and office space.

Never neglect security:

Security has to be one of the top priorities of every startup women based business. Women already have had to experience unsafe situations in many walks of their lives, whether professional or personal.

So, if you can provide maximum security and a sheltered space to work, then your startup is bound to be successful.

Make sure the space you choose has secure WiFi and offers sturdy locks for your workspace, cabinets, lockers, etc. Since adding security to the office will be out of your control, you must find a company that values safety as much as you do.

There are multiple options to choose from, so finding a suitable company for you and your valuable employees won’t be impossible.

Reliable and hassle-free storage is a necessity:

Keeping in mind that your startup business is booming and you have chosen the perfect office space, the next step is to look into storage unit companies.

You probably won’t be allowed to take up space in a rented office to hold your directory as they are neither accustomed nor constructed to cater to storage needs. What you need is a reliable and hassle-free storage company like London Storage Facility.

They provide convenient commercial storage for less than the price of traditional self-storage. They pick your stuff up, store it and bring it back when you need it.

Self-storage in Brighton has made storage simple for businesses, so the whole experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Book your free collection in seconds and gain access to your STORED account to keep track of your bookings, invoices and items. Next, pick up and return, which is hassle-free. The two-person team will arrive at your doorstep on your selected time slot to collect and load all your items.

Your items will be stored in an all-purpose built storage facility with 24/7 CCTV and dual security locks on all doors. Lastly, if you need some or all your items back, then book a partial or full return from your account to any address in London.


SAFEER MUGHAL, Owner of Digindev, Marketing Director at Igeneox.

Completed His Software Engineering bachelors Education & Currently Maintaining Digital marketing Services For Multiple Business Firms

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