Crushing Gender Boundaries: How to Become A Lorry Driver

Black woman driving a truck

If you love driving, being a lorry driver (aka “truck driver” can be a very lucrative career especially if you own your own logistics company. Lorry driving is a career stereotypically associated with men however, there is nothing stopping you from following this route if you’re a woman. Here, we take a look at what the job involves and how to get into it, to see if we can inspire you to be a part of this lesser-known industry. 

What the Job Involves

The role of a lorry driver doesn’t just include driving. You need to be able to set up insurance for your vehicle, you can always use a broker to compare hgv insurance, plan journeys, and schedule your deliveries with your colleagues, changing routes to avoid traffic where necessary.  You need to be strong enough to load and unload your vehicle and make sure your loads are safely secured. There is also paperwork to complete such as logbooks and delivery information. You also need to be able to look after your vehicle by carrying out regular checks and maintenance such as tire and oil checks.

One of the personal qualities you’ll need to be a lorry driver is patience as you will be sitting in the same spot carrying out quite a one-dimensional task for long periods of time. You’ll also need to be a thorough person so that you can be relied upon to carry out your work in a safety-conscious manner at all times. It also helps to be introverted as you will be spending a lot of time alone, but it’s important to have a positive disposition as this kind of work can be quite monotonous at times. It’s important to keep yourself stimulated by listening to the radio, music, and podcasts while you drive.  


Newly qualified HGV drivers earn on average up to £22,000 which is an impressive starting salary for any job role. Working for a company, you can earn up to £35,000 with experience which is great but if you end up owning your own company it can have a really positive impact on your earnings. Even by simply owning your own lorry you’ll take a big leap in terms of financial reward.

Getting Your License

As well as a normal driving licence you also need to complete a Driver CPC qualification in order to get a lorry driving license. The Driver CPC consists of a theory test, case studies test, and driving abilities test. They are all designed to ensure road safety and maintain competent and proficient driving standards amongst lorry drivers. You’ll be tested on practical and off-road driving.

If you like the idea of driving for a living, don’t be dissuaded by the stereotype of male lorry drivers. If you have the personal qualities and skills needed to complete your Driver CPC and handle the unusual nature of the job, there is no reason why you can’t go for it.

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