How These Successful Artists Became Self Made Women

The music industry is essentially a very difficult career to crack, to maintain success in this field takes a lot of work, time, patience, and dedication. To some people, this might come easy but for others, this has to be put into practice.

For many female artists broadening what they know about the career choice they have taken is important to stay ahead of the game they are in. There has always been the old saying that this is a man’s world, however, in recent years women are proving this is not the case. The attitude of anything you can do, I can do better is becoming increasingly competitive.

Entering the music industry might be something that some artists fell into or it could be something that they have always dreamed of and worked hard to achieve. As a small child, they could have been studying elton john chords on the guitar, or learning to mix his music with some hip hop. The music industry is not just about singing.

What women achieve in the music industry 

There are many jobs in music, some far more glamorous than others, some well paid and some not. It really does depend on what you want, and how hard you study. Do you want to be a music teacher and get a sense of fulfillment from teaching students? Or are you looking to become a world class DJ? The choices out there can be endless. 

Thinking about a career in music can be a serious matter for some people, however, this will normally fall into the business side of things. Some people do it purely for love. Many powerful women who have successful careers in music, take charge of their careers and certainly know what they want and how to get it.

Being a successful woman in the music industry does not mean that you have to forfeit other things like having and raising a family. This is something many successful women have gone on to do for many years, some take career breaks or simply take their family with them. Some adopted, use surrogates, or have a child naturally, it all ends up with the same result of having a much wanted family as well as a successful career.

Powerful women with successful music careers 

Some of the most successful women in the music industry seem to have it all. They take the careers they have and work extremely hard in getting what they want. Below is a small list of successful women and their approximate net worth,

  • Dolly Parton is a country singer, whose career has spanned over decades with an estimated net worth of around $600 million dollars!
  • Taylor Swift has a very impressive estimated net worth of around $365 million, not bad for someone so young 
  • Vanessa Mae a British violinist has reportedly racked up a bank balance of approximately $ 45 million dollars, violin lessons definitely worked out well for this lady 
  • Sylvia Rhone is a music executive having amassed a great career and a rough estimate net worth of about $20 million
  • Rhiana has a reported $600 million and has said to donate to charity lots 
  • Nicki Minaj is very successful having a reported net worth of $85 million

Beyonce started her career in a female band and then went on to pursue a solo career and is now estimated to be worth around $500 million alone, without her husband’s success in music 

There are many strong independent women that have earned their own money in their own right, what drives these women is success, they often put their fingers into many pies. Once established in their music careers, lots of these ladies may go on to have clothing lines or perfume on the shelves in many households.

Some of the most famous ladies that are music household names go on to star in movies.

  • Cher 
  • Madonna 
  • Lady Gaga 
  • Whitney Houston 
  • Bette Midler
  • Barbra Streisand

The music industry has certainly given some ladies a helping hand in pursuing other things.

The women who seem to have it all

Although some of these beautiful and influential women have it all, sometimes the relationships they have are played out in the spotlight, in ways that are not always healthy. The media is a powerful thing and being successful can pay its price.

For some women they channel this into new projects or new business deals, some may start to study a new instrument or maybe change career paths from singer songwriter to a new and upcoming Dj, honestly why not? These ladies need challenges in their lives just like the rest of us. So learning an instrument they have never played or getting on the decks seems the most appropriate next step.

While some of these ladies studied music at a very young age and ended up in music school, with degrees and certificates. Some however did not, for some people music is a very natural and expressive thing that they just fell into. Although for some this may have been the case that is not said in the way they can hold onto and manage their careers.

The music industry’s main record labels are run by men and lots of females are said to be trying to break into this field. This is however changing and lots of female artists are now having more say in their contracts, some not agreeing to certain terms and having the last say over what they want to happen.

Female artists and the importance of the influence they have over young people today

The main thing that famous musicians have an advantage over today is influencing the young society that they are appealing to. With this can come great responsibility, the eyes of many of today’s youth are upon their every move, so how they behave will impact your children.

Positive impact on today’s society is something that a lot of musicians take very seriously in many respects they often pride themselves on having a good fan base. Many become speakers for charity or donate money. Playing charity gigs or auctioning off the latest guitar they played, or piano even costumes these are all things that get picked up on by the media.

The media is such a powerful thing, it helps to promote many worldwide, environmental issues like recycling, homelessness, lack of education in the underprivileged. While some people may think people in the music industry have too much money, this is used in ways some people won’t always know about.

The other benefits of being successful in music are the friends acquired along the way. This also is of great help when it comes to getting charities recognized and raising money for good causes. The next time your favorite artist is holding a charity concert or auctioning online have a look at what they are raising money for and see if this is something that you can help with.


Music is a wonderful thing to learn with lots of benefits and it does not always have to be financial, there are many careers to be taken in music depending on what you want to achieve. Motivation and rewards that are returned come back in many ways. If you are a natural teacher ten the instrument you choose may path the way your future will go.

Take into consideration that you are not limited in your love of music, so do not limit the way in which you learn. Learning is a wonderful thing and the knowledge you can gain from music is on such a wide spectrum. 

Music is used for many forms of therapy and healing, it can be something that is emotional or physical. Music therapy is used for children and adults alike. So if you play an instrument or sing look into charitable programs or volunteer posts that you may be able to help with.

Even if you do not make it onto the big screens or outsell the latest Lady Gaga album does not mean you can’t have fun. After all, that’s what music is meant to be for expressing yourself, showing your emotion, or just being as free as a bird.

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