How To Study And Focus Like Successful Students Do


When you finally land that all-important scholarship or discover that you’ve been accepted onto your school course of choice, the initial passion and commitment will keep you motivated to complete your work on time and learn as much as you can within the first few weeks or months of your qualification. However, after a while if you begin to lose track, fall behind, or become disinterested in a topic, you may feel like it’s impossible to concentrate and get back on your grind. Having a good education is a privilege that not everyone has the opportunity of getting, so it’s important that you’re able to truly take advantage of the chance you have been rewarded with. Luckily, there are a few ways you can switch up your thinking and put the right measures in place in order to be able to truly make the most of your time in education, so read on to find out how you can be the best student you can be.

Be Creative With Color

When you read through a study guide with white pages, black text and no pictures, you get bored. That’s normal and is to be expected, but you have to find a way of getting around this to actually absorb the information and learn something. When you’re studying a certain topic, one of the best ways the revise what you have to know is by creating some kind of mind map or data sheet that includes the essentials. Mind maps can be really great ways to take in information as you can style and design it in your own unique way, using expressive drawings that you understand better, and more colours and interesting visualisations of the data that you will be more interested in viewing. If it doesn’t catch your attention, you will easily forget whatever it is you were supposed to learn and it’s likely you’ll lose any passion you had for the subject.

Block Out Distractions

If you’re trying to study and you’re surrounded by loud noises, people laughing and talking, flashing lights or any other distractions, you will completely lose focus and your eyes and mind will just begin to wander off elsewhere. It’s sometimes unachievable to find a completely silent room that’s free from sound pollution, so it may be an idea to purchase some school headphones that you can use to block out the noise around you and perhaps play some kind of motivational music instead that can act as an aid instead.

Possibly one of the biggest distractions of today is the smartphone. Not only can I shorten your attention span, but the artificial light can be damaging to your sleep patterns which can result in an even less focused you. If you don’t have the desire or willpower to switch off your phone and put it in another room, just turn off the internet so you receive fewer notifications and are then less tempted to pick up your phone and scroll through social sites. Your fear of missing out should not overpower your fear of being undereducated, or make you lose an opportunity to grow into the most successful and intelligent person that you can be.

Vary The Setting

If you sit in the same place all day every day when you’re studying, you’re bound to start feeling like you’re not progressing in your studies simply because you’re uninspired by being in one environment. The brain is believed to make very small and subtle associations between what you are studying and whatever is going on around you at the time, so the more locations you visit to do your studies, the better chance you have of remembering different data.

It can also be very monotonous and dull to see the same four walls every day, so just by getting outside and seeing a few new faces and places will make your spirits feel more lifted and help your ability to feel ready to get your work done. If you opt for a more social setting such as a local library or coffee shop, the simple fact that you are surrounded by other people who are also working very hard will motivate you to do the same, as not only will you be inspired but also a little intimidated.

Take Regular Breaks

Although you may feel extremely proud of yourself after spending 8 solid hours studying, you won’t be retaining enough of the information to warrant the negative side effects you may experience from putting your brain to work for that length of time. Taking regular breaks during the course of your day in order to improve your attention and mental clarity. However, this isn’t just a chance to procrastinate or simply move from sitting inside to sitting outside.

There are several things you can do during your break that will give you that little extra push you need to work harder and better, some of which involve physical activity. By going on a walk within nature or taking some time out just to stretch your muscles, you will be encouraging the blood to flow around your body at a faster rate and help to clear your head so you can return with a fresh viewpoint, raring to go. Avoid taking the opportunity to switch on the TV or grab your phone, as this will just distract your attention away from what you have put so much effort into learning and make you feel more lethargic rather than more energized.

Being able to give your education every ounce of your hard work and motivation is something every student aims for, and it shouldn’t be that strenuous to focus and achieve your best. Hopefully, the information above can act as a guide, and set you on the right track to study success, so you can learn as much as you can during your qualification and be proud of yourself and all of the dedication and effort you have put in to achieve your goal.

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