These Empowering Careers Will Give You A More Satisfying Life

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There’s a difference between a job and a career; a job is simply a means of getting by each month, a way to make ends meet if you will. A career is pursuing something that you’re passionate about and making a living from it. Not only that, it’s likely that in a career you’ll be good at what you’re doing too. This is because many high-end careers require qualifications and experience for you to get to the top. Choosing the right career can be a daunting decision because when all is said and done, if you find that you’re not passionate about the field you’ve chosen, you will have wasted valuable time and money pursuing the career you’re in. Not sure what career path to take? An important thing to remember when choosing a career path is that you should feel pride in what you do, and that empowerment is an essential factor to take away from it. So, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest empowering careers to consider for a more satisfying take on life.

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An officer of the law

One role that the world will always need filling is an officer of the law. With many countries reaching an all-time high with crime rates, there simply isn’t the manpower to ensure that there are enough officers around to enforce the law.

Becoming an officer requires strength both mentally and physically, and it can and will be a very demanding job that means at times, you will have to put yourself in danger to save the lives of others. However, having the ability to bring safety to people and being able to ensure that crime rates stay as low as possible is an extremely empowering position to take on.

Depending on where you live and how high you work your way up the ranks, you can also expect a very nice salary to compliment the role that you’ve taken on.


We realise that this is a pretty vague option to consider, but self-employment can be one of the most empowering things to do for yourself. Not only do you no longer have to answer to anyone but yourself, but you are completely in control of what you earn from this role.

The first step into self-employment is finding something that you can sell, whether it be a particular set of skills you have or even a product that you think will sell well to a target audience.

Many roles of self-employment also include the luxury of working from home, which many people find very appealing. This is because you’re able to work around other commitments in your life such as children, family, friends, or even another job. You can read a full list of reasons as to why people choose to work from home here:


Let’s face it, there simply aren’t enough Doctors on earth to tend to all of the people who need seeing each day. This means that many patients are left unseen which can, of course, lead to their ailments becoming worse. Becoming a Doctor requires extensive training and knowledge that can take years to complete. However, once you’ve achieved your goal and passed the bars, you will find that you’ve stepped into an extremely empowering and well-paid job (not well-paid enough, in our opinion!).

It’s no secret that with a role like this you will come across hard times like losing patients, having to diagnose patients with long-term diseases, and also have the stomach to face some ailments that a regular person wouldn’t be able to deal with. However, you will also have the pride of being able to help cure people of ailments, seeing patients recover from the brink of death, and also the thanks from your extremely grateful patients. A role that requires a lot of strength mentally, but an empowering role nonetheless.

Cognitive behavioural therapist

A sad but true fact is that there are more and more people suffering from mental health problems in this day and age, and there aren’t nearly enough professionals to help people through tough times. The problem with this is that some people are choosing to end their life because they don’t feel they can carry on anymore.

A cognitive behavioral therapist helps people suffering from mental health problems such as anxiety and depression work through their issues if they don’t want to take medication to help the way their brain is working. You will need extensive training and understanding of the way the brain works and how it can make a person feel, and you will also need an incredible amount of empathy and understanding to succeed in a role like this. However, how amazing would it be to have the ability to save people from taking their own lives and helping them turn their lives around? An incredibly noble and empowering role indeed!

Charity worker

If you’re someone who likes to help people but doesn’t think you could face working within the medical industry, then charity work might just be the right kind of role for you. Working to help charities such as women’s aid, NSPCC, or even helping homeless people rebuild their lives would be an extremely empowering role to take on. It’s also a role that requires you to have the determination to help protect people and make a difference in their lives.


If you like the idea of law enforcement but don’t think you could be an officer in the field, perhaps a role as a lawyer might suit you better instead. Being able to represent people who are innocent and win your case is an incredible way of gaining empowerment from your career. Not only that, bringing people who have committed crimes to justice is helping the people of the world stay safe from those who are dangerous.

Becoming a lawyer will require you to have many qualities such as being strong-willed, having empathy, and also on point organisational skills. If you think you’ve got what it takes, this could very well be the right role for you.


You’re probably aware of how much musicians can make, especially if you make it big time with your music. While the money is a very appealing factor of becoming a musician, the ability to be able to reach out to people through songs and change lives is an incredibly empowering ability to have. Think about all of the songs that have touched you in the past for whatever reason, and think about how many lives you could potentially change, and use that to help drive your creativity!

Perhaps you could take up a new instrument as a hobby and make music in your spare time to help build yourself up to a career within the music industry.

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Teachers are incredible people. Not only do they study for many years to help impart wisdom onto the next generation, but they are also literally shaping the minds of the future. Imagine being able to help a child that’s struggling to understand finally realise what you’re trying to teach them – it’s an amazing thought, isn’t it? Seeing that light bulb go on and watching someone develop their knowledge because of you is an incredibly wonderful feeling.


Finally, imagine being able to contribute towards finally finding a cure for cancer, or even making that huge step to finding civilization on another planet – it may sound unthinkable, but it’s totally possible if you put your mind to it! If you’re someone who enjoys discovering new things, becoming a scientist in the field you’re passionate about would be the perfect role for you.

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