7 Reasons Why ‘Smiling’ Will Lead You To Success

A great smile can be your ticket to the success of your business.

A smile is one of the greatest gifts God gave to humanity. A smile can make someone feel appreciated, unique, recognized, and respected. Have you ever given it a thought about how powerful a smile can be? Phyllis Diller once said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

A great smile extends its effects even in the world of business. A great smile can be your ticket to the success of your business. The first thing that catches the eyes of a customer is your face and the expression on it. A smiley face displays a positive impression and gives the customer the confidence to transact with you and is most likely to come again for more.

1. A smile boosts your confidence

Studies have shown that people who possess great smiles are more likely to be intelligent and confident. When in a stressful situation, a great smile helps you to relax and get your confidence back. During a job interview, a great smile enables you to diffuse your tension and ease your anxiety; therefore makes you appear confident and competent before the interviewers. However, you should avoid smiling unnecessarily during an interview. A great smile at your workplace also helps you to absorb all the pressure that comes with your job with ease. And if you’re thinking about enhancing your smile, VIP Dental Spa has a couple of treatment options for you to consider.

2. A smile is an excellent way to build a relationship

A great smile is an easy way to build a relationship, especially when you’re meeting a person for the first time. You have to remember that the first meeting lays the ground for all your future interactions with that person. A great smile will help ease tensions between the two of you, and therefore, you’re able to relate well for the first time. A great smile will help you maintain a relationship with the people around you; additionally, a smile enables you to create a good relationship with strangers.

3. A smile clears negative thoughts and emotions

It is normal to have a long day at work grinding at your workplace and come home full of negative thoughts and feelings. The fastest way to get rid of these negative thoughts and emotions is to smile. Smiling helps release these thoughts and emotions to leave room for acquiring new and positive thoughts. This way, you can smoothly move on with your daily activities with the absence of the mental chains.

4. A great smile makes you seem more successful

Straight and bright teeth characterize a great smile. A research study conducted by Kelton for Invisalign shows that people with straighter and brighter teeth are perceived to be successful and are 45% more likely to be recruited during a job interview. To be in a better position, you should visit your dentist for teeth whitening before you attend any job interview. Having brighter teeth, therefore, makes you stand out from the others.

5. A smile makes a great first impression

We are all at some point, familiar with the fact that a great smile makes the first impression with someone great. The way you react to a stranger with a smile on his face is different from how you respond to a stranger with a gloomy face. People with a great smile on their face appear more friendly and welcoming as compared to those with a gloomy, sad face. You display an excellent first impression when you smile and maintain eye contact. You should remember that your first impression dramatically affects your future interaction with that person. On the other hand, studies have also shown that you look better when you smile, and people around you are likely to treat you well.

6. A great, genuine smile display desirable traits

For a smile to be great, it must be authentic, one that is a cooperation between the muscles in your mouth and eyes. A natural smile portraits character trait that makes your customers, bosses, friends, and coworkers be in your favor. They are most likely to respond positively towards you as your great smile proves your confidence, competence, and friendliness, which in return, boosts your success.

7. Smiling makes you live a long and fulfilling life

Research has demonstrated that smiling can be the reason behind one’s long and fulfilling life. Smiling keeps you away from negative traits such as stress and anxiety, which contribute to unhealthy lives and sometimes death. Make smiling your habit as it reverses the effects of stress and anxiety.

A great smile is a weapon that can help you climb the ladder of success through the above-discussed effects. Make sure you use this weapon appropriately, especially when faced with difficult situations. Do not just get over stressful situations by escaping from reality through sleep; smile your way through them.

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