7 Healthcare Essentials You Must Have To Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes can be a result of age, unhealthy lifestyle, or even hereditary. But once you are detected with diabetes, you just cannot live the years ahead of your life, the way you did. It calls for a much healthier outlook towards your life, which needs to be more holistic and fulfilling. This lifestyle will not only help you beat diabetes, but also develop your overall health. 

Since we have spoken about the diabetic lifestyle, let me take you through seven healthcare essentials you must have and should widely implement in your life. Not only will it keep your diabetes in check, but will also let you live stress-free.

1. Keep a tap on your blood sugar levels

The number one thing on our list comes with no surprise. When you are a diabetic patient, the first thing would be to know that you are not on high blood sugar levels.

But that generally is not the case. Their sugar levels keep abstaining from the doctor prescribed limits, not only damaging their blood vessels but also bringing in other diabetic complications.

While occasionally you must visit a diagnostic center in an HbA1c blood test, it’s also important to keep testing yourself on a personal level. Unlike other machines, this one will not require any manual coding, and make your sugar tests hassle-free.

2. Tracking your blood pressure

Diabetes and Blood Pressure is a very dangerous duo for your body but unfortunately still comes in pairs.

Medically, High Blood Pressure means that there is going to be a lot of strain in your blood vessels, and with diabetes, it only means that you are calling in for a lot of complications, like kidney damage, heart diseases, and more.

Plus, there’s no particular symptom physically to spot high blood pressure. You can be feeling extremely healthy, but from within your blood vessels are in too much pressure, and sometimes when it is too late to detect, you have already lost the battle.

So, apart from getting yourself medically tested annually, keep yourself on regular checks, and do everything to keep your blood pressure under control.

3. Don’t forget your cholesterol and blood fats

The next thing on the list is Cholesterol, or fats or lipids in the blood, which prevents blood from reaching essential organs like the heart.

High cholesterol alone can damage your heart, and when it is combined with Diabetes, the picture gets worse, really worse. Again, annual check-ups are a must. Apart from that, keeping fit, eating healthy, and daily exercise is extremely crucial.

4. Take care of your eyes

Diabetic patients are very prone to eye damage thus it is very important to take extra care of your eyes. Visit the doctor with an eye-screening appointment every once in a while, so that you can spot any disturbance in your eye in the early stages. 

Diabetes might be the leading cause of eye damage, but you can still prevent it. This is one of the items on the list you can’t get checked in your home, so never miss an appointment and report to your doctor immediately if you experience sight loss.

5. And your feet and legs

Yes, amputation is one of the plenty of complications that come along with diabetes. It has never been more important to get your feet and legs checked.

healthy diet to manage diabetes

6. Look after your kidneys

Damaged kidneys can be a result of high sugar levels, BP, and cholesterol exceeding limits. The number goes to as much as one-third of the people with diabetes who end up facing kidney problems.

Like eyes and feet, you cannot get kidneys tested at home, so you will need proper medical assistance. Remember, you might feel fit but when it comes to diabetes, kidneys always are at a risk, so don’t cut a slack.

7.   Be mindful of your diet

Nothing can replace a good & healthy diet for diabetic patients. No medicine will be able to help you if your diet nutrients are not in prescribed limits. There’s no one-size-fits-all for a diet, so it is always advisable to visit professional dieticians and get a customized diet plan made with keeping your food habits and lifestyle in mind.

That’s not it, there’s a lot more. But if you take control of the above 7 items, you are halfway there… the rest half we will talk when you reach there!

Till then, take care!

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