Want to Be A Self-Made Millionaire? Then It’s Time to Adopt These 12 Habits

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As BAUCE women, many of us aspire to have established incomes. Some BAUCE ladies know all too well what it is like to grow up living paycheck to paycheck, and grind daily so their future families don’t have to. Becoming a millionaire is a tough feet to accomplish, which is why many people aren’t. But at BAUCE, women don’t strive to be anything but magical and spectacular. We’ve curated a list of habits that millionaires possess that are easy for any of us BAUCE women to pick up on!

1. Seek mentorship from other millionaire women!

Surrounding yourself and taking advice from people who are in the position you seek to be in is very important! Having a chance to gain that knowledge from people who have been there and done that is priceless. They tend to know the ins and outs of their profession and that can be useful to aspiring and current millionaires.

2. Invest in your come up!

A lot of people fail at ‘being great’ because they are afraid to take that initial step to greatness. They may feel that the leap is just a little too far, or out of reach, to achieve. What many people fail to realize is that some of the most successful people were made successful through believing in their selves.

3. Self-made millionaires have a checking and…

It is never enough these days to only have a checking account. Money comes and goes just way to easily these days. According to a Google Consumer Survey, 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings. That is incredibly low considering the cost of living in most major cities.

4. They take no days off… like ever!

Rarely ever will you catch a BAUCE women making excuses and not stepping up to the table. Taking on challenges and sometimes doing the ‘dirty’ is sometimes in the agenda of a millionaire.

5. They have multiple flows of income.

Depending on one source of income is okay until that one source abruptly ends for some odd reason. Almost like having a back-up plan, having a second income will help provide you with a cushion you can save for a rainy day.

6. Self-made millionaire women are patient.

It sounds a little far off, I know. But having just a little bit of patience will really get you far in life. Knowing that nothing hardly ever happens overnight, and a lot of work and effort will go into your endeavors is key. There is value in time and BAUCE women know that they don’t have a lot of it; utilize your time wisely and work towards your success through strategically planned steps. Your patience will pay off.

7. Self-made millionaires understand that communication is key.

It doesn’t matter how many times you think you’ve explained things clearly—you have not! You can never reiterate things to people enough. Being clear with your message will make for a successful outcome in any of your endeavors.

8. They know how to stay in their own lane.

No matter how easy it is to enviously gaze upon people who appear to be doing better than us—don’t!. What use is it to worry about what other people have if it is not naturally ours? That Mercedes Benz may look nice but would your bank account agree? Mines wouldn’t. But I don’t mind that. Staying in my own lane has given me the opportunity to work for it in my own time!

9. Millionaires know how to save their coins. 

You hear stories about people who drive around in vehicles older than episodes of Friends—yet, they make six figure salaries and go on lavish vacations every year. It’s not about having the most expensive things. Being frugal has its perks and can set you up for success in the long run. Spend your money on things that will last you a lifetime, instead of temporary enjoyments. It is also important that you are not only saving, but getting ready for retirement. Having a retirement fund may sound far off now but it will set you up for a comfortable retirement when you’re ready!

10. They know that failure is KEY to success.

If at first you don’t succeed… need I say more?

11. They don’t expect others to do their work!

Often times in our everyday lives we are faced with dealing with groups. When dealing with these groups, there is always that one slacker that expects everyone to get projects or assignments. Never depend on anyone.  Millionaires didn’t skip their way to the top on the backs of other people. Do your portion, and then some! It may seem like overachieving, but it’s always your job to go above and beyond.

12. Millionaires are cheap AF!

In other words, they are living below their means. Their bank accounts may say that they can afford an extravagant lifestyle but they choose to do otherwise. Choosing to eat a generic brand of Apple Jacks or dripping the nozzle at the gas pump for every ounce of gas never hurt anybody!

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