5 Clever Gifts For The BAUCE Man Who Has Everything

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Even that special guy in your life doesn’t have everything. Surprise him with one of these gifts.

Whether it’s your best friend, boyfriend, son, or brother, we all know a guy who seemingly has it all. Shopping for someone who has everything can be so frustrating that after hours online, you’re at the point of giving up and putting a twenty-dollar bill in a Christmas card, old-school-grandma style.

Don’t give up hope yet. Here are four things the special guy in your life is sure to appreciate. Just try not to buy him everything, or you won’t have a gift left for his birthday!

Skincare Routine

Chances are, the guy who has everything is too busy to worry about his skin health. That’s where you come in with the tools and products that he needs to look his best. Your gift is going to come at the best time for your guy in mind, as winter brings with it some serious skin problems that he can avoid altogether with the right habits.  Start him off with a moisturizer to invigorate and awaken fatigued and dull skin. Bonus points if your moisturizer includes SPF to protect his skin from the sun, too. You can get him a hat and a scarf as well to fight off the elements that are working against his skin this winter.

You know he puts 110% into every facet of his life, from his career to his relationships. He stays calm and collected in every situation; now he can look like it, too. 

Running Shoes

Your guy knows he’s nothing without a fly pair of running shoes to take him anywhere and everywhere he needs to go. No matter how much he loves that ratty old pair he’s had forever, no man should be walking around with holes in his soles. With the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35, he won’t think twice about dumping his nasty old sneakers.  Get him to step up his game and take advantage of the new technology available in athletic wear. Toss that pair of worn-out running shoes and step into the new year with a fresh pair of kicks.

These shoes feature a soft mesh and partial bootie surrounding your foot for maximum comfort. One of the most versatile running shoes out today, the new Pegasus 35 also has a full-length Zoom Air unit to put an extra spring in his step and a beveled heel that gives him a smoother touchdown. It comes in an incredible array of styles and transitions well from workout to everyday wear, which can only mean one thing: he’s going to look amazing.


In the era of modern technology, watches have become more of a statement piece than a timepiece. A watch makes a man look sophisticated, put together, and in control. Shinola, a watchmaker based out of Detroit, has exploded into the fashion scene with intricate watch faces and daring color combinations. Get the man who has everything the Runwell in a unique deep blue palette. It features a stainless-steel case, ocean leather strap, and a midnight blue dial.

For special occasions or important meetings, a smartwatch just can’t compete with the unbridled elegance of a clean, bold watch. He’ll appreciate the versatility of a gorgeous timepiece and that it’s built to last and supports an American business, too.

Model Trains

Model trains are the new hyped up hobby for men over 40. It’s a hobby that brings back cherished memories from childhood and is incredibly relaxing and rewarding. Wouldn’t this be a great gift? Yep, we think so too. The models these days are absolutely amazing and include scaled locomotives, roads, bridges, ho scale buildings, vehicles, urban landscapes, and even tunnels. The options are quite vast and once you get into this hobby, you can’t stop (it’s absolutely addicting). We think this is a great gift to consider for a man who “has everything”.


At the end of a long day, the best feeling is sinking into a comfortable bed. Get the guy who has everything something he can’t buy in a store: a great night’s sleep. This gift could double as a treat for yourself too if you live with the man you’re shopping for. An uncomfortable mattress doesn’t just affect your sleep; it can lead also to back pain and poor posture. When you’re looking for a new mattress, try to stay away from extreme support or no support at all, like an extra-firm or extra-soft mattress. Instead, look for something medium-firm and consider your man’s height and weight when shopping for a suitable and fitting mattress. Give the guy who has it all a good and healthy night of sleep so he can continue to take on the world every single day.

No one has everything. It’s that simple. Shopping for that guy may seem difficult but perhaps you just need to be extra creative. If you weren’t inspired by this list, think about his personality and what unique gift could complement the person he is, his passions, or his hobbies. The right gift is out there.


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