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Meet Tiphani Montgomery. Originally from Rochester, New York, she’s a single mother who has fostered personal success out of her own adversities. After dropping out of college at the age of 25, Tiphani went on to write her first novel. By not allowing society’s preconceived doubts towards her hold her back (and by getting up and going harder), Tiphani was able to design a life for herself that was worth living. She went on to write several other books and made the Essence Magazine bestseller list seven times. An author and life coach, Tiphani talks to Bauce Magazine about why giving up should never be an option.

Bauce: In your bio, you talk about how you picked up your things and made the decision to move with your young child to a new state. How did you muster up the courage to do that? Do you think changing environments is a good way to get a fresh start when achieving your goals or is it more of a mental thing?

Tiphani: I think it’s a mental and physical thing. For example, if you live in the hood and change your mindset that’s cool, but you’re still surrounded by extreme poverty and people you no longer relate to. On the other hand, you could move to a new state, have the same mindset and make the same bad decisions you did before. I needed to experience a new environment and a new mindset. It was the best decision I have ever made.

Bauce: Many people believe that once a woman becomes a single mother her chances for success are extremely limited. How are you working to change that mindset and uplift young single mothers?

 Tiphani: I’m not here to change someone’s mind about anything. I only work with women who know that they can be successful, but just don’t know how. If you think that you’re chances are extremely limited…they will be.

Bauce: When did you realize you had a knack for writing?

Tiphani: I realized that I loved writing at an early age. I got my first diary at the age of 7 years-old and it just felt right. I could write all day. I was passionate about it and I knew intuitively that that was something I’d do for a living.

millionaire-mistress-tiphani-montgomery-paperback-cover-artBauce: In your books about The Millionaire Mistress, you write about your main character (Chloe) and how she chases money with sex. What messages are you hoping to send your readers through these urban fiction topics?

 Tiphani: Chloe’s life didn’t turn out too well. She was unhappy and tried to mask it with wealthy men and expensive gifts. It never filled the void she was looking for. Hopefully other women will recognize this.

Bauce: Breaking into the publishing industry is extremely hard, particularly for writers of color. How can an author become successful through self-publishing?

Tiphani: Breaking into the publishing industry is tough for everyone. Major publishing houses only want to take chances on authors who have a platform and you can only get that if you self publish your book. 50 Shades of Grey, was originally rejected by publishers and decided to self publish. They built a loyal following and went on to become a phenomenon. Build your brand and the publishing houses will come knocking down your door!

Bauce: We love your motto “…because when all else fails, Get UP and Go HARDER!” Are these words that you live by?

Tiphani: Yes! GUGH doesn’t mean you have to be tough. It means when life knocks the breath out of you and the necessary changes seem to hard to make, just do better than you did yesterday.

Bauce: How do you define a “BAUCE” woman?

Tiphani: A woman who is rich spiritually, financially and emotionally!

Want to learn more about self-publishing or get tips on how to handle life’s roadblocks? Find out more about Tiphani Montgomery’s program, The Best Sellers Project. Follow Tiphani Montogmery on Twitter: @Tiphani_M



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