This Stellar ‘Weekly Review’ Method Will Help You Get More Things Done In Your Life

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The Weekly Review is a productivity tool broken down into three main categories that can help you get organized, review your past habits, and look ahead to accomplishing your goals.

Most of the difficulty in self-improvement is knowing how you actually are performing. Anyone can say they want to lose 20 pounds or save up for a new car. But, how come when the rubber meets the road, most of us are exactly where we were one month, six months, or a year ago?

The two missing links that keep us from completing our goals and sticking to the habits that get us there are visibility and accountability. 

Visibility simply means you have written out exactly what your goal is and the habits or steps that will get you there. They are in your phone’s Notes app, on the fridge, or written on a piece of paper at your desk. Practically speaking, this means your goals can be physically seen and are no longer mere wishes floating around in your brain. 

Accountability is the more challenging missing link out of the two. While anyone can write out good habits that hopefully result in a completed goal of theirs, it takes guts to share them with those close to you that can motivate you to succeed. It’s proven that when we share a goal with someone we are more likely to stick to that goal and ultimately attain that goal. When no one is there to ask us about our progress or push us to go on that run or stick to that budget, we will tend to make excuses and push it to the next day. 

During self-quarantine, it can be easy to push off goals even though you probably have a little more time on your hands. Here at Osiris, we are using a little something called “The Weekly Review.” 

The Weekly Review was created by Dan Allen who is an expert in organizational and personal productivity. The Weekly Review is a productivity tool broken down into three main categories that can help you get organized, review your past habits, and look ahead to accomplishing your goals. The three categories are called Get Clear, Get Current, and Get Creative.

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Get Clear

Getting Clear is exactly what it means. Start the brain-dumping process and organize all of your to-do lists into one written location. This can be handwritten on paper, drawn on a whiteboard, or typed up on a document. The method does not matter as long as it works for you and your to-do list is in one location. 

Get Current

Getting Current is reviewing your action items (goals and habits) and capturing them on your Weekly Review. Review your previous calendar items. Are there events and activities that are preventing you from reaching the goal that is most important to you? Modify it or remove it completely. Review your upcoming calendar items. What weeks are going to be especially challenging to keep your savings or weight loss goals on track? If you’re out of town, make a note and develop a plan that keeps your habits in check.

Other items to Get Current on are reviewing your “waiting for” list. Maybe you’re waiting on a savings goal because you are currently working on paying off student loans. Write this down on your waiting list. Start viewing this section as an excuse ridder. This way you know exactly what is holding you back and when it will be over.

Reviewing project (and larger outcome) lists is for reviewing those week or month-long projects like renovating the kitchen. This creates a space for you to write down all the deliverables involved in the project so you don’t miss a vital step.

Just in case you missed something in the past sections there is one final “Getting Clear” list you can incorporate into your Weekly Review. It’s called your “Trigger List”. This is a “catch-all” for you to write any words that will be a “trigger” for your brain in remembering to add an activity. It could be as simple as “annual review notes for the boss” you can move into your action lists when you have time.

Get Creative

Lastly, dream big. We are all creative beings, we just need to tap into that source. This process begins with writing all of those “down the road” or “maybe someday” items such as adventures, ideas, and dreams you have been putting off. The first step to realizing these dreams is writing them down and visualizing their reality. 

Wrapping It Up: Get Focused

Knocking out the Three C’s of Getting Clear, Getting Current, and Getting Creative take an all-encompassing mentality to get focused. At Osiris, we believe in using sustainable products to help us achieve a focused mindset for our daily ritual. One of these products includes our CBD Gummies. Packed with 10mg of premium CBD, these gummies will provide you with the mindset to write out your Weekly Review and more importantly, knock it out. 

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