It’s Time To Squeeze More Into These 6 Areas Of Your Life

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If you’re wanting to squeeze more from life, now is the best time to get started, as there’s never going to be a better time than today to start making positive changes that will positively affect your future.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the core areas to look into as you begin to consider ways to squeeze more from your life than you currently are.  Whilst the majority of these principles apply to “life” rather than “business” the two are often inextricably linked, for instance, if you were to want a more remote working lifestyle where you purchase a business address but are free to operate from your laptop, anywhere in the world, it’s clearly going to affect your ability to squeeze more from life – but business isn’t the be all and end all.

Let’s therefore, get on with the show, and get right into the aspects of your life you will need to consider when wanting to squeeze more from life.


Money is a vital fuel that is requires when aiming to squeeze the most from life, as in addition to the financial security that improving your finances brings, money is similar to fuel, in that it is ultimately required to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  

If you sit in a car that doesn’t have much fuel in the tank, you’re not going to get very far and at some point you’re going to run out of fuel and be stuck on the side of the road.

Money, is therefore, an essential fuel for squeezing more from life.

That doesn’t mean it should be your highest priority – just that it should be prioritised enough to ensure you achieve the financial stability you require to live a comfortable and prosperous life.  

If you live a life where money worries are always on the back of your mind, it can be very hard to have the energy or headspace to fully enjoy your life, so taking care of this basic requirement that is almost as fundamental as having air to breathe is key to ensuring a firm and stable base from which to squeeze more from life.


Whilst money is a vital fuel, time is likely to be your most precious resource.  

Time is something you cannot create more of, unlike money, and when people look back on their short lives — most people tend to wish they had spent their time doing something more worthwhile.

It’s important not to underestimate the value of time, as it is much more valuable than money.  Therefore, be sure to invest your time wisely and focus on what truly makes you happy, as you only have one life, and it’s an unpredictable one.


If you don’t have the vitality to live your life, in terms of the energy required to take on the world and live at a higher level – you’re unlikely to be able to squeeze more from life.  You therefore want to consider ways to increase your energy.

Of course, exercise and good nutrition helps, but there are other aspects to consider too, such as the relationships in your life – sometimes, we have friends or family members that drain our energy and it’s important to protect your energy, to ensure you’re able to perform at your peak.

It’s similar to charging a mobile phone in that a phone without charge is useless, and you must ensure that your phone gets enough energy each night so that it can function well during the day.  The same is true of your body, so be sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation into your life.


In a similar vein to energy, if you don’t have a good state of health, you can have all the time and money in the world – but you won’t be able to enjoy it because you’ll be in a state of dis-ease.  The word disease, literally translates as dis – ease, to represent the fact your body is out of sync (homeostasis) and therefore bringing the body back into balance through eating good food, drinking plenty of water, resting, exercising, and taking care of your emotions is imperative to squeezing more from your life.


If you feel alone, or are in a “bad” relationship which doesn’t feel fulfilling, uplifting and rewarding… it doesn’t matter how nice a home you have, or travel experiences, or anything else – it will always feel like something is missing.

See, the world can feel like a very lonely place, if you are alone or in the wrong relationship, whereas if you are loved and in a nourishing relationship, even the most dire of circumstances can feel manageable and as humans we all crave a feeling of “togetherness”.

It’s therefore important to consider your relationships in terms of whether they are adding to your life or taking away from your life, and find good people to get around – whether this is friends, family or an intimate partner.  The quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life.


Finally, there’s a huge difference between living a life with a view to “getting by” and living a life that sets your soul on fire — where you are on “purpose”, meaning there’s a fire in your belly and a passion that drives you forward.

This is a huge shift in feeling from those that wake up on a Monday morning and have dread in their hearts about the week to come.

When you are living from a place of passion and purpose you tend to spring out of bed, take life on, and look forward to the opportunities of the day and week ahead because you are living from a place of such “meaning” and purpose that you feel passionate about your existence – indeed, it feels like you are on a journey of evolving into all that you can be and making a difference.

Therefore, to truly squeeze more from life, you want to find something to be really passionate about and a purpose that drives you forward.  In this vein, most people find that “giving back” is what drives them… for some people, it’s giving back to their children and being a fantastic role model or provider in terms of creating a secure future, whilst for others, it’s more charitable in terms of a particular project that’s close to their heart.

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