Shoot Your Shot: How To Get a Job When You Have No Experience

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Getting a job is a little like…dating.

We see “guy”. We want “guy”. We know “guy” could make us happy, and that he could open up a brand new world for us. But he’s still across the room.

This is exactly how it happens in relation to your dream job or gig. You see the vision, you know it could make you happy, and it could offer you numerous opportunities, but (insert record scratch noise here) you have no idea how to muster up the courage to apply for the position. It’s about time we stop telling ourselves that we shouldn’t go for our dreams because we have no experience or a lack thereof. It’s time to stop settling for jobs at the call-center down the street and getting verbally abused all day. Women are taking charge more than ever these days so in honor of “shoot your shot 2017”, here’s how you can shoot your shot to an employer even if you don’t have the experience to back you up.

I want you to approach your job-searching mission the same way you would approach attracting the opposite sex. Let’s begin.

Observe the employer and do your research

Before you decide to jump right in and ask a guy for his Snapchat, you typically do your research on Facebook first, right? So even though that position is calling your name, you must do your homework and get intensely familiar with the company or employer before you fill out the application or create your cover letter.

Start by researching the company first. Gain knowledge about their origin, recent accomplishments, improvements, or something innovative they did that you love about the company. Next, try to do some research on the CEO or recruiter. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for this. You may find that they’ve attended the same college as you or are affiliated with your sorority. The little things matter to employers — they want to know that you care and you’re paying attention. Be sure to also mention if anyone referred you to the company — inside connections are enough to put you in the door.

Think about what you can do for them

When you find a guy to be desirable, you begin thinking about what you can offer to him that makes you irresistible, right? This same tactic can be used to impress your employer. After all, this isn’t about you, it’s about what you can do for them. This is when you gather your skills, internships, clubs, volunteer hours, sororities and degrees, to assess exactly what you can bring to their table. It’s important to keep things relevant during this stage. Your leadership role during your stint as safety patrol in elementary school won’t get you far with the big kids in the corporate world. The key here is to use what you have and leverage it to fit their needs.

Still think that your lack of experience won’t make your cover letter glisten under florescent lighting? Think about the guy who showed you a perfect night on the town in his 1992 Honda. He had confidence, he was determined to make the night magical, and he left an impression on you that the stain on his headrest never could. You can truly make the most out of what you have even if it isn’t much. Look for the silver lining in your experiences and tap into your passion to pull out what you’re capable of.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • “What can you do for our company?”
  • “Why do you want to work for them?”
  • “What makes you unique?”

Make sure all of your responses are relevant and clear for the employer to understand that they need you. Make yourself irresistible to walk away from.

Finally, shoot your shot!

Gosh, you’ve never approached a guy before but you’ve stalked his social media and decided that your adventurous persona is irresistible. But now, its time to finally shoot your shot!

First, you must get their attention. The application process may be intimidating but how else are you going to get the job? Go ahead and send that email, complete the application, write your cover letter, polish your resume and send it off while releasing an exhale.

Once they see how amazing you are, you’ll here from them in no time. And if there’s no response, make sure to follow-up. Some employers are busy and it wasn’t intentional that your application hasn’t been viewed yet.

Cover letter tips:

  • In your introduction, let them know why you’re contacting them and what your objective is
  • Emphasize on your skill set and be confident in what you have done and can do
  • Remember it’s about them, not you
  • Give them a strong call to action and have them practically begging to schedule the first date… I mean interview! ;)

Tell us how you’re shooting your shot this year in the corporate or creative world in the comment section below!

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