Get a Recession-Proof Job

Let’s be real. Recessions are a drag. If you are out of work, or looking for a job you know best how frustrating it is.

On the other hand, people that are employed are on-edge about losing their jobs or having to take a pay-cut to keep them. Some professions have crashed harder than others, like finance and construction. The demand for these jobs decreased during a recession. If you’re thinking about creating a stable future, then consider these “recession proof” industries. These are careers that are not affected by the dips and rises of the economy.

Food For Thought: People have to eat to survive. No matter how bad the economy gets, people will always eat for pleasure and comfort. Think about a career as a chef, waitress, caterer, or baker.

Pay -Up: As the economy slacks off, more and more students are graduating from college jumping into the recession feet first. These newbies have no REAL jobs lined up and are in mounds of debt. Loan companies call on the debt collectors to make them PAY-UP! Even though budgets are tight and payments are late, debt collectors will always be just a telephone away, demanding their payment. This job is sure to pay!

Drinks on Me: Alcohol is an outlet, and a-lixir fixer. Manufacturers and distributors are in even higher demand when people are feeling down. Which means bar tending and cocktail waitress job will never decrease.

Teacher’s Luck: Many times unemployed people go back to school. They want to improve their marketability and keep themselves busy while they wait for the economy to rise. The actual jobs that people will have are a college recruiter, advisor, counselor, or elementary teacher. How many times have you had a recruiter from DeVry call asking you to join their school? That job could be yours!

It’s in the Medicine: People will continue to get sick. In most cases people get sick more when they do not have health insurance or the funds to support healthy eating habits. Often times people get sick from stress and mental health issues during times of a depression. Nurses aids, medical assisting, health information technologist, Pharmacy technicians and mental health care providers, will remain in high demand rain or shine. They make a pretty penny too.

Turn Off the Lights: We need energy as much as we need food, therefore consumers will ponder ways to save energy. No matter how often people turn off the lights;it is imperative to use energy throughout the day. We need energy to drive a car, take a shower, and to heat up or cool off our house.

Join the Green Machine: The green energy industry is growing. Energy suppliers are finding ways to maintain high fossil fuel which is environmentally friendly. Electricians and help desk support technicians will constantly remain employed.

Don’t Forget the Funeral: Working at a mortuary will never leave you dry. Just as quickly as babies are born, people die. As morbid as this may sound, it is a fact. Which means mortuary technicians will stay in high demand, their demand may even go up during a recession, “hurt people hurt people.” The more depressed and broke people become, the more deaths are likely to take place.


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