Game Over: Stop Competing With Your Co-Workers

competing coworker2Healthy competition at work can keep you on your toes. But there comes a time when you are tired of playing the game. Do you have a co-worker who is constantly competing with you? Here are some tips on how to let them know that the game is over.

1. Refuse to participate in the competition. If you hear your co-worker bragging about their latest accomplishment on the job, you don’t have to chime in that you have been there and done that. Ignoring the person will let them know that you are no longer interested in competing.

2. If this person is the type that cannot take a hint, a conversation is in order. This conversation should not take place in front of everyone at the workplace. A Bauce handles her business professionally. Invite the person to lunch and let him/her know that you have noticed their competitive edge and suggest that they direct this energy to get noticed for a promotion.

3. Take your own advice. Instead of suggesting that your co-worker direct their energy to get noticed for a promotion, direct your own energy to get noticed for a promotion. When you are promoted, the winner of the competition will be clear and you may not have to work with the co-worker any longer.

4. Change the game. Reverse the competition from negative competition to positive competition between you and your co-worker. You see that your co-worker has an equal ambition, so make the competition fun by placing wagers for lunch or drinks for certain tasks. As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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