From Basic to BAUCE: How to Develop a BAUCE Like Mindset

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Scroll through Instagram. What do you see? We are living in the mecca of self-made women. From Issa Rae, to Yvonne Orji, Bozoma Saint John, and Dasha Kennedy the creator of The Broke Black Girl, we are continuously being educated and inspired. Although all of these women are peaking at different stages in their lives, they do have one thing in common: their mindset.   

Below are four tips to help you develop the mindset of a BAUCE. 

#1 Have the Courage to be You 

This one is a bit of a cliché, but after all, it’s a timeless saying for a reason. Walking in the true mindset of a BAUCE requires you to stand tall in your unique abelites.  

When you become a carbon copy of the girl with the most followers on Instagram, you do all of the other little girls a disservice who look like you. You never know, you may be the representative for those in society’s blind spot. Issa Rae put it best, “Stop trying to impress people by being someone you’re not.” Have the courage to be you, and notice how many glass ceilings you shatter. 

#2 Keep Your Foot on the Gas 

A true BAUCE keeps her foot on the gas. The temptation to give up becomes extremely seductive when you feel like your efforts are met with minimal reward. You post consistently to Instagram promoting your lash line, and still only get 12 likes. Keep your foot on the gas. Those are the moments that test your endurance.  

Anyone can start a business, but only a select few can weather the storm that sails their business to clear waters. Yvonne Orji put it best, “It doesn’t cost anything to fail. All you have to do is just stop; it’s easy. Being successful is the hard part. A true BAUCE chooses the hard part, and doesn’t through the towel in when the going gets tough.  

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#3 Do What You Love 

The previous tips mean nothing if you can’t do what you love. Doing what you love is what gives you the courage to keep going, because the reward is great. Who wants to be successful on the job they hate just to get a promotion to do more of what they hate?   

If you want to adopt the mindset of a BAUCE it is imperative that you find your passion. The CMO of Netflix put it best, “Passion should meet your professional life, and I’m a living, breathing testament to that.” Get in the habit of studying yourself so that you can know what your passion is. Your passion will be the key to your endurance. 

#4 Make it a Big Deal 

It’s easy to downplay those seemingly small victories. You got your first client! “Well, it was just my mom’s friend wanting to support my business.” You made your first $100 selling the course you worked so hard on! “Well, that’s after 30 people rejected my idea in the first place.”   

Don’t let imposter syndrome steal your joy. Whatever victory you accomplish this week, celebrate it. A Real BAUCE knows when to pat herself on the back for a job well done. Financial guru Dasha Kennedy put it best, “Don’t downplay your achievements. Nothing that you are doing is ‘small.’”  

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