Former Miss Black USA Shares How She’s Staying Confident In A Crisis


Here’s what Kelli Abernathy, Miss Black USA 2018, had to say on how to keep our grace during these trying times.

This year has been no easy feat for black people. First, we were met with the terrible onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, which single-handedly plagued black and brown communities far worse than the white ones. Then the spring of this year sparked a global-wide movement against racial injustice after George Floyd lost his life unfairly while being apprehended by police. The onslaught of pain that has been felt by the black community has been real and has taken a huge toll on our mental psyche as a whole.

We have been wondering, as ambitious driven black women, how do we balance our emotions right now and continue to the good work of financially uplifting our community financially? How do we stay confident and “slay our day” when everything feels so uncertain. We decided to chat with a woman that is the total embodiment of self-confidence to get some tips on how to keep working towards our goals even though there’s a lot going on in the world. Here’s what Kelli Abernathy, Miss Black USA 2018, had to say on how to keep our grace during these trying times.

We are living in unprecedented times. First, we were hit by the coronavirus and now we are dealing with a global response to racial injustice in America. How are you coping with everything that is happening right now in the black community?

Kelli: There are no words to describe the continuous injustice that is happening in our country right now. Yet, this is not a time to be silent.  I am hopeful for a trying to maintain a positive attitude while continuing to fight for our voices to be heard.

What is your new morning routine like? 

Kelli: My new morning routine includes more praying and planning on what to do next. I ask myself how can I continue to help our black community? I find myself signing petitions, donating to the cause, and sharing all information on my social media pages because faith without work is dead.

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What are you doing daily to remain confident and positive?

Kelli: I speak positivity over my life every day because I believe that what you manifest in your heart will always come to light so it’s best to stay positive. Along with taking a cute selfie when the light is hitting just right.

How do you stay productive and “slay your day” given everything going on in the world?

Kelli: I usually start my day with a nice morning jog around the park to clear my head from all the negativity around me followed by brunch. I take a shower, do my hair, and makeup, listen to my activist playlist while dancing around my room.  That’s how I set the tone for having an amazing day!  

What is your advice for black women who may be struggling to remain positive, uplifted during these times?

Kelli: My advice would be to keep believing in the cause and fighting for what is right. Black women are resilient and we can conquer the entire world. We have to remember that pain doesn’t last always, and there is always sunshine after a rainy day. Our job is to keep uplifting our black brothers and sisters because together we all make a difference.

Lastly, what resources can you recommend for someone who is suffering with self-esteem or confidence issues?

Kelli: I would recommend downloading the Affirmations Board app and read them daily. I highly recommend the tiny pink chic book “YOUR NEXT LEVEL LIFE:  7 Rules of Power, Confidence, and Opportunity for Black Women in America by Karen Arrington, which is packed with inspiration and tools to level up.  And, always speak light and positivity into your life.

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