Five Girl-Power Anthems for Fall

Fall is quickly approaching and some of us are more ready than others. But ladies, let’s face it, some of us are going to need some serious motivation to hit the books, pound the pavement and stay focused until the holidays. Don’t fret Bauces, if you fall into any of those categories, we’ve got the soundtrack to your season.



Song: I’m Out (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Artist: Ciara

Album: Body Party

With opening lyrics like “ladies, this your song”, Ciara made this jam for a very specific reason: girl power. This upbeat club banger is exactly what you need to accompany your primping activities before a night on the town. Leave your man at home and blast this hit all the way to wherever autumn may take you.



Song: Dance Apocalyptic

Artist: Janelle Monae

Album: Electric Lady

Miss Monae brings back her ever-so-popular retro, pop swag for this single. The first single off of her album (expected release date Sep. 10), “Dance Apocalyptic” is a perfectly in tune song to say good riddance to your ex and move on with positivity. Dance into a new season with a new attitude on your love-life with this fall anthem.



Song: Pay My Bills

Artist: K. Michelle

Album: Rebellious Soul

The R&B diva and reality show superstar’s musical comeback isn’t over yet. Her raunchy, yet catchy single “Pay My Bills” is a song we’ve all wanted to sing. Sure, we want love, but there are some times when our needs have to be met and that’s all we want from a man. K. Michelle sings out our dirty little secret about how we really want it and we’re singing right along with her.



Song: Call These Boys

Artist: Estelle

Album: N/A (single)

We aren’t sure if Estelle is planning a new album, but with her newly released single, we are hoping she does. “Call These Boys” is the girl anthem for the pivotal moment a Bauce walks into the club and all eyes are on her. Or any room for that matter. Add this song to your playlist and prepare to strut your stuff all season.




Song: Without Me

Artist: Fantasia

Album: Side Effects of You

To be real, we have all had that one sad excuse for an ex that thought he became the best version of himself (which, in retrospect isn’t that good) all by himself. Fantasia puts our thoughts in perfect harmony while answering that with a “H*LL NO”. Take fall on with a fierce attitude with this bumping through any speakers you can find.

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