10 Fitness Gurus of Color You Should Follow

Jeanette Jenkins Hollywood Trainer

We all know that good nutrition and regular exercise are an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Not only will you reach and maintain a healthy weight, but you will also reduce your risk of chronic disease and fatigue. Despite knowing this, finding the motivation to live a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Enter Instagram.

There are many great platforms to get in contact with fitness influencers and social media celebrities. Social media sites, particularly Instagram, are much more than selfies and memes. These popular platforms can also be a source of inspiration for physical health. If you’re looking for a bit of motivation to jumpstart your health regime, check out these Instagram accounts from ten fitness gurus of color that will motivate you to be your most fit.


BreAnna Dore


This 5’4″ beauty is not one to mess with. Based in Atlanta, BreAnna’s wellness tips and fitness app are bound to have you seeing transformations on your body that you won’t believe.

 Jeanette Jenkins Hollywood Trainer

Jeanette Jenkins


Jeanette is a celebrity personal trainer who has worked with some of your most beloved celebs, including Kelly Rowland and Queen Latifah. Her feed includes nutritional tips, workout motivation, and lots of celebrity appearances.


Lana Ector

Lana Ector


Co-founder of Black Girls Workout Too, Lana Ector’s instagram profile is filled with pictures of herself and other women who have gotten positive results from following the Black Girls Workout Too regime.


Ray Grayson


Recently, Ray has been featured as a fitness expert in dozens of well-known publications nationwide. Follow him for workout inspiration the whole family can partake in.


Qimmah Russo


Qimmah Russo’s abs may be her defining feature when you first look at her, but this fitness enthusiast is the complete package. Follow her workout videos, nutrition tips, and more.

 Lita Lewis

Lita Lewis


Her Instagram is filled with workout videos, street clothes selfies, motivational quotes and healthy meal suggestions.


Hey Fran Hey



Popular YouTuber, Hey Fran Hey, is an advocate of healthy living in every aspect of life. Follow her Instagram for nail art, recipes, and natural hair inspiration.


Massiel Arias


This tattooed powerhouse is Lala Anthony’s personal trainer. Follow her for workout tips.

 Jenelle Salzabar

Jenelle Salazar


Jenelle proves you can be fit and curvy! She also has a YouTube channel where she offers nutritional tips and easy-to-follow workout videos.



Dawn Estelle Archer


Dawn Estelle embarked on a fitness journey that has resulted in a stronger, fitter body and a healthier lifestyle! Follow her body positivity movement on Instagram for words of encouragement.



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