Fit-spiration: 5 Celebrities With Fab Bodies to Look Up To

Whether you want to be thin and toned or want to embrace your curves and live a healthier lifestyle, we’ve found 5 celebrities to serve as your fit-spiration. Read on to learn fitness tips from these celebs and what motivates them to reach their health and wellness goals.




We all love Beyonce, whether we like to admit it or not! She makes great music, giving us hit after hit, and has managed to remain humble even with the amount of fame she has amassed over the years. One thing I’d love to know is how she has managed to remain fit and healthy through marriage, child-birth, and world tours. Events that would normally lead to stress and weight gain have served as inspiration for Beyonce to rise to the challenge of achieving her fitness goals. Beyonce gained 57 pounds while pregnant and had scheduled performances just three months after giving birth. She had to lose the weight in order to perform so she turned to celebrity trainer Marco Borges. Although we all don’t have access to a personal trainer, we can find exercise routines that incorporate the interval training and power moves that helped Beyonce get her body back. Beyonce also motivates herself and remains realistic in achieving her weight loss goals. She knows that she cannot eat whatever she wants and knows that she must make sacrifices, such as eating fewer calories during the week, with a cheat day on Sundays. Beyonce uses music as her motivation and other tokens of things she aspires to, like a dress she wants to fit in to or a picture of a Grammy by her treadmill. By being realistic and staying motivated, you can achieve your weight loss goals and even give Queen Bey a run for her money.


Halle Berry


Who wouldn’t want to look like the sexiest woman alive? I know I do! In 2008, Halle Berry was chosen as Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive just six months after giving birth.  My question is “How did she get camera ready so fast?” Halle worked with personal trainer, Ramona Braganza, five times per week. During each one-hour session, Halle completed a strength training segment and three cardio segments, which include the elliptical, kickboxing, and stair/hill climbing. At first it may seem hard to carve out an hour of your day to devote to exercise, but when you realize how much time is taken up by social media or television, you will realize that you do have the opportunity to exercise. Now, you have to find the motivation. Halle stays motivated to exercise because she has Type 1 diabetes. In order to manage the disease, Halle is conscious of her diet and exercise. To be fit and healthy like Halle Berry, work out five times per week, eat a diet of fresh produce, lean protein, and complex carbs, and drink plenty of water.




Since Rihanna hit the music scene in 2005, her weight hasn’t fluctuated much (from what I can tell). Rihanna maintains her lean, muscular build by taking control of her workout routine. Although Rihanna keeps a busy schedule, she makes exercise a priority; fitting it into her schedule even if it is 2 a.m. Rihanna’s workout sessions are cardio-based, mixing martial arts, dancing, and calisthenics. This combination of exercise moves help the singer to build muscle without bulking up. Rihanna complements her workout routine with a diet of five small meals per day. Rihanna’s workout regimen is great for someone who is committed to working out but keeps a very busy schedule. If you don’t have the time to work out at the same time three to five days a week, then make exercise fit into your schedule whenever possible. Don’t have time to sit down for a larger meal? Eat five small meals per day to ensure you are meeting your dietary needs. Following this regimen will have your body tight and toned like Bad Gal Ri-Ri in no time.


Toccara Jones


We know Toccara Jones as the plus-size model from season three of America’s Next Top Model. Although Jones did not take home the title of America’s Next Top Model, the exposure she received on the show helped to launch her modeling and entertainment. As a plus size model, Toccara’s goal weight was 180 pounds. When she appeared on the show Celebrity Fit Club in 2008, Toccara weighed 205 pounds. By the end of the season, Toccara lost 32 pounds, weighing in at 173 pounds. When Toccara gained 14 pounds back, she went on Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp to lose the weight she had gained. By the end of this season, Toccara lost 21 pounds, weighing in at 166 pounds and surpassing her weight loss goal by seven pounds. Toccara became motivated to keep the weight off and has created her own work out DVD to inspire all women to be healthy, fit, and fabulous. The hour-long workout routine incorporates 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of sculpting techniques for arms, legs, and abs.


Gabi Gregg


Gabi Gregg, plus-size fashion blogger of, is a fashion icon in and outside of the plus-size community. is Gabi’s personal style blog where she shares fashion advice and outfits that she hopes will inspire others size 14 and up to take risks and have fun with their clothing. Gabi inspires women to be comfortable in their own skin. A year ago, Gabi posted a photo of herself in a “Fatkini” and urged others to post photos of themselves in a “Fatkini” on Critics felt that Gabi was promoting obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle, but Gabi fought back by saying that she agrees that people should be conscious of their diet and physical activity, but they do not have to be ashamed of the body that they have now while on the journey to a healthier lifestyle. This year, Gabi has partnered with Swimsuits For All to create a swimwear line for plus-size women. The demand for the “Fatkini” was so great that styles were selling out within hours and orders went unfulfilled. Gabi is definitely changing the face of fashion and empowering curvy girls everywhere to be confident in themselves while pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

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