How To Choose A Fulfilling Career When You’re Woke AF

Yes, you can make money being woke.

If you’re fresh out of college and ready to enter the workforce, or if you’re thinking of reimagining a new career for yourself in middle age, you might be wondering where to begin. There’s no shortage of careers or jobs out there – with technology ever-changing and the emergence of self-made and one-person businesses online, pretty much anyone can be the captain of their own ship these days. Whatever your passion is, you can make yourself a career. 

That being said, of course, you want to choose a profession that not only pays well, allowing you to live comfortably (and take care of your family and basic needs) but you also want a career that is fulfilling and rewarding. Perhaps you’d like to give something back to your community or work in a field that makes you feel like you’re doing some good; helping people. It’s an admirable goal, and don’t listen to others if they try to tell you it’s unrealistic. 

There are many jobs and careers out there in industries that provide services and support to those in need, that help people every single day. No matter what sector you’re looking for a job in, careers that allow you to give something back are available for you, if you have the motivation and drive and know where to look. 

We’ve outlined a few of those career paths below, for the BAUCE woman that’s looking for a wonderful, rewarding and giving job.


The healthcare industry is always growing, always evolving and changing, but one thing remains the same: there will always be myriad careers and jobs available in this field because there will always be people who need health care. 

Whether you’re working as a nurse or doctor, in the insurance or administrative side of things, as a licensed practitioner or some other health-related field, jobs in this industry are among the most rewarding (and sometimes exhausting) careers that you can have. You’re truly hands-on, making sure that people are healthy, well taken care of, and in some careers, it’s genuinely a matter of life or death. You are delivering life-saving care to those in need. What could be more rewarding than that? 

Healthcare jobs require extensive training and degrees, but most people in the healthcare profession will tell you that it’s well worth it. Healthcare jobs, in addition to the rewards mentioned above, usually pay very well, have amazing benefits, and offer a ton of flexibility in terms of where you work, how many hours you work, and who you work with. The choices are many, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a career that is perfect for you, no matter where your needs, desires, and passions lie. 

Social Work

A career in social work can be one of the most rewarding jobs you can ever have. There are few jobs, other than possibly in the healthcare industry, that does more to give back to the community. You’ll be helping children, young people and disadvantaged or marginalized people get a leg up. You’ll be listening to their concerns, helping them when they need it, removing people from dangerous or unhealthy situations, assisting with all manner of needs and support services, and giving it your all every single day. 

Social workers have careers in a variety of places: schools, children’s health centers, family and children’s centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, and within the government, just to name a few. You can choose to work with children, adults and/or families, and there are a huge variety of careers available to you. 

Social workers often have a hand in implementing policies and laws that help people every day, are consulted with on important cases and are often the first point of contact to people in need. You’ll be more than fulfilled with the support and help you provide to people who need it. 

Social work careers vary in pay depending on the position and usually offer decent benefits, as well. There is definitely room for growth, too, so if you’re looking to make a difference long-term you’re basically guaranteed career for life. People will always need support, and you’ll be there to provide it every step of the way. 

Online social work degree programs are easier to obtain than ever, with many reputable colleges offering degrees. 


Many people are choosing jobs in the education field, despite recent criticisms over the way educators and teachers are treated. Local governments have heard these raised issues and many are making necessary changes in their local communities. Things like better pay, more resources and a bigger support system for teachers who are overworked and underpaid. 

Because of this, people are beginning to enter the education arena again. Whether you’re looking to teach elementary, middle or high school, or prefer a job related to education, such as school counselor, librarian, special needs liaison or other administrative jobs, there are many educational careers available to you. 

Education careers offer perks like good benefits and of course, those beloved summers off. Even teachers’ pay rates are beginning to increase in certain areas. And of course, there’s no better way to give back to young people than to teach them. Teachers are desperately needed pretty much everywhere. You’d be giving kids a lifeline. 


Another career that is seeing a huge surge in professionals is the world of counseling and therapy. More and more people, especially women, are choosing to obtain degrees in counseling and open therapy practices or work as psychologists/counselors in schools, hospitals and elsewhere. 

Not only is it a lucrative career that always sees steady work, but working as a therapist or counselor is another great way to make a difference in a person’s life. There are so many people who are recovering from trauma, suffering from PTSD or depression, anxiety…areas that might not necessarily be considered “mental illness”, but still need a little bit of outside help; some support. Working in this field, you can truly help people by guiding them through these experiences and difficult periods. It’s a steady career that offers help and support to others; a truly rewarding path. 

Most counseling and therapy careers pay fairly well; if you own your own practice you can set your rates. Benefits are good, and you can often make your own hours, too. The only downside is that often counselors are always on call, so it’s a good career for someone who is a people person and doesn’t mind being bothered after hours. 


Young people especially are flocking to a career path that’s been around forever but is starting to rise in popularity: the non-profit or charity. Surprisingly, these companies can offer pretty decent wages, depending on your position, and sometimes even benefits. But the true perk to working at a non-profit or charity is that you’ll be helping people every single day; that’s the main focus and design of your business. You’ll be hands-on in implementing the running of these charitable businesses and working closely with the people you want to help. No matter if you’re interested in the administrative side of things, or want to work closely with the public, or something in between, there’s going to be a job that’s perfect for you within the company. 

Working for a non-profit will also look good on your resume and help you become well-rounded for any future career change or move. 


People love to call it the “dying profession”, but that’s simply not true. Journalism is more necessary now than ever before. While news media is definitely changing, with newspapers putting up online paywalls and some print publications going digital or closing their doors altogether, there is a greater need than ever for those who can tell stories, tell them true and tell them well. We need concise, detailed and truthful people to break down the stories and parse through the chatter, in this world of “fake news”. 

Journalism jobs are exciting, fast-paced, and sometimes stressful. They usually pay fairly well and offer benefits, and you’ll be able to travel, to cover breaking news and exciting world and current events. You’ll have your finger right on the pulse of everything around you. And you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re providing people with an invaluable service: keeping them up to date on the news that matters the most. 

These are just a few career paths that allow you to make a decent wage, good benefits and have a rewarding and successful career while giving back to the community at large. There are many other options available depending on your level of education, interest, and location. It’s just a matter of knowing what you want and going out to find it. 

You want to help people, and that’s a noble and attainable goal. Don’t give up: you can find the perfect career for you while doing just that. 

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