5 Women Who Made Money From The Internet (And How They Did It)

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It might seem easy to be an internet entrepreneur – but it’s not.

It might seem easy to be a digital influencer – but it’s not. With the abundance of bloggers, Instagram stars, and Shopify gurus, it takes a lot of hard work to cut through the noise and stand out as an internet entrepreneur. There are tons of BAUCE women that are crushing it on the web — here are five women (some you may know of and some you may not!) that have been able to stack mega coins from their online efforts.

Mattie James

Mattie James

Lifestyle blogger Mattie James is an online sensation whose online blog covers everything from fashion to first impressions and everything in between. This Liberian-American BAUCE has been blogging for several years and now hosts her own podcast, as well as master-classes on a variety of topics. She now grosses well over $100k per year and has been featured on several popular outlets including Blavity and XONecole.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan

This renowned makeup artist got her start posting makeup tutorials on YouTube. She now has over 1 million followers and her very own makeup line with L’Oreal. Phan is also the founder of ipsy Cosmetics and ipsy Open Studios, which is designed to budding makeup artists develop in their cosmetology careers. Ipsy Founder Michelle Phan Net Worth is currently in the millions.

Lisa Sugar

This founder and CEO catapulted to success by creating PopSugar, a blog centered on celebrity life and pop culture. The site now has a fan base hundreds of millions strong; in fact, a 2016 finding from reported that PopSugar reaches 1 in 3 millennial women today. PopSugar has covered several upscale red carpet events, both in the United States and internationally.

Keyla Torres

Kei Jewelry Keyla Torres

This Latina entrepreneur has made waves by launching her online business, Kei Jewelry, on Etsy. Torres has earned well over $10,000 in sales by focusing on providing the modern woman with high quality and eye-catching accessories. Her company currently earns more than an estimated half a million dollars in revenue.

Lora Arellano

Lora Arellano

After attending makeup school, Arellano decided to do some networking and began promoting her looks on social media. This caught the attention of Rihanna, who reportedly reached out to Lora personally to do her makeup. Arellano, who now has more than 1 million followers on Instagram, now gets paid to style the looks of other major celebrities as well. She also is the co-founder of Melt Cosmetics, a beauty company that is earning upwards to six-figures in revenue (and counting!). A little self-promotion never hurt anybody!

Know of any other BAUCE women making tons of money online? Shout them out in the comments!

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