Feeling Super ‘Blah’ Today? There’s A Reason For That

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You must find the answer to why you feel so lost in the first place.

We can all have our down days. The days where life just feels a little too much and we would rather stay in bed than face the world. The days where the emotions get too much and you just don’t feel right. Where you can’t put your thing on something specific but you just feel a little down and out. Sound familiar? Everyone has those days. The difference is that some have longer periods of it whereas others will simply bounce back after 24 hours. If you find that you are feeling a little “blah” then there may actually be something more to it. I thought I would explore some of the reasons why you may be feeling like this. I hope it helps you start to feel more like yourself soon.

Is your health suffering?

When you don’t feel like yourself, you often try and find the reasons why so you can fix the problem and have normal service resume. Your health could be the main issue. For example, feeling like you have a scratchy and sore throat, thinking it is nothing but actually needing something like tonsil surgery to rectify the problem. Coughing and spluttering putting it down to the common cold when you may even have a chest infection. What I am trying to highlight is that your body will be giving you all of the warning signals something isn’t right, you have to listen to it and take action by seeking the help you need.

Could it be your mindset?

Sometimes there are no physical symptoms involved. On the surface you are as healthy as ever, but yet you still can’t shake the feeling. It could mean that you may need to search a little deeper into your mindset, your thoughts, and your feelings. Sounds deep, I know, but actually, this could be a real turning point for you. We often don’t realize how important our mindset is, and a negative thought process could be hindering our lives in more ways than you can imagine. Think about your thoughts, your feelings and where they may be stemmed from. It may feel forced at first but changing your outlook and perspective could be the answer. Meditation is great for prioritizing your thoughts and getting more in touch with the core route of the problem.

What about a change of lifestyle?

Is it your lifestyle that is making you feel like this? If you don’t have anything physically wrong and you find that you are quite a positive person then maybe the way you are living your life is having the negative effect on how you feel. Not exercising regularly, eating all of the wrong things and not keeping yourself hydrated. It may sound very basic, but this triangle of goodness can actually help you to function more effectively on a day to day basis.

Is there something bothering you?

Maybe there is something bothering you. Your career may not be at the level you want, you may not have achieved your goals in life, but wallowing in the self-pity won’t change things. If you can identify an area in your life that is causing you to feel down then take the action to make the change. The incentive and inspiration have been provided, you just now need to take the right steps forward.

I hope that this helps you to feel a little less “blah” in the future.

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1 Comment

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