5 Outerwear Pieces You Should Be Wearing This Fall

As the leaves turn orange and brown and the winds begin to set in, be prepared to layer up your style for ultimate comfort. This fall, the BAUCE mag team has selected five items that we know you shouldn’t leave your house without. These pieces complement a variety of looks and give you the romantic or edgy twist that you might be looking for. Here’s what made roll-call:

5 Outerwear Pieces to Wear This Fall

1. Cropped Blazer — Want to jazz up your outfit and make it appear a little sexier? This summer the midriff resurged from the 90s and this cropped blazer allows you to take the summer bearing style into fall. Wear on top of high-waisted pants with a cropped top to draw attention to a small torso. Light materials give this look a lot of flair.

2. Motorcycle Jacket — For the ultimate badass appearance, a leather (or pleather) jacket is your go-to. Styled on top of tights or with skinny jeans, this look will automatically flatter an hourglass shape. It can also add curves to a boxy or straight figure. Pick out a jacket with a contrasting color in its lining; this softens up an edgy look and makes your jacket versatile.

3. Wrapped Sweater — Want comfortability and a whip of romanticism? Opt for a wrapped sweater. The cinching waist created by the sweater’s rope-tie does wonders to a boxy shape. It also is great for concealing large hips or thighs when worn with skinny jeans and boots. Say hello to fall with this look for subtle sex appeal. The thicker the sweater, the better.

4. Tweed Blazer — The heaviness of the fabric makes this piece a fall and winter do only. A tweed blazer is perfect for giving your wardrobe a more “preppy” feel with riding boots. Dressed up with slacks or dressed down with jeans, you can’t go wrong with a warm blazer piece this season.

5. Shawl — These items are great because you can make them as dressy as you want or as laid back as you’d like. Shawls aren’t only great for covering your shoulders when wearing a dress. They can be stylish all on their own if bearing a stylish print. Get creative with the way you hang the shawl on your body as well. A waist belt can turn a shawl into a wrap sweater in seconds, while slinging it over one shoulder may make you appear more avante-garde.

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