Explore The Allure Of Croatia’s Top 7 Scenic Attractions

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The Croatian coast is a beautiful place to visit. It has some of Europe’s most stunning beaches, and it also boasts an abundance of historical sites that are worth exploring. One such site is Dubrovnik in southern Dalmatia. These fortifications date back to the 14th century but were restored in the late 1980s, making them look much better than ever before.

The city was once one of the world’s greatest ports, but today UNESCO protected its historic center as part of the World Heritage Site, Old Town. There you can see buildings from different eras, including Gothic churches, Renaissance palaces, Baroque forts, Roman ruins, and Venetian walls. You’ll also find plenty of shops, galleries, restaurants, bars, cafes, museums, and other attractions here.

If you are planning your trip to Croatia, then these seven scenic attractions will be worth visiting. Learn about each one as well as what makes them so special.

Krk Island – Split

Krk island lies just 20 minutes away from Split and offers visitors stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. Its name means ‘island of rocks’ and its shape resembles letter C because of many small islands surrounding it. To get there, catch a ferry boat leaving from Riva promenade in Split.

Ferry tickets cost 12KN per person for a ride that lasts approximately 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can hire a boat in Split for a more personal experience. Once you arrive, you notice that the entire area looks like paradise. White houses surrounded by blue sea create picturesque scenery that you can’t find anywhere else.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The first thing you should know when visiting this park is that there are two parts: Upper and Lower Plitvice. Each part offers something different for visitors to experience. If you only have time to see just one national park during your visit, make sure it’s this one! There are plenty of things to do here, including hiking trails, waterfalls, caves, lakes, rivers, and even hot springs. Don’t forget to bring along your swimming gear if you want to cool off after all those hikes!

Diocletian’s Palace

One of the largest Roman ruins in existence, this ancient palace was built by Emperor Diocletian between 305-310 AD. Today, it houses many museums, including the Museum of Ancient Cultures which showcases various artifacts from all over the world but focuses on items relating to Croatia and its surrounding regions. Don’t miss seeing the remains of the Imperial Baths within the complex.

Krka Waterfall & Kopački Rit Nature Reserve

Located near Knin, this waterfall goes into full force during rainstorms. Visitors can walk through the forested area around the falls, or they can book a boat ride along with other tourists. Bring a jacket if you plan on doing the latter because the weather may not be ideal at any point while swimming under the falls or climbing up rocks above the fall itself.

Paklenica Riviera

With over 100 bays, coves, and small islands, this region provides travellers with endless opportunities for fun. Renting a motorboat or sailboat is a great way to enjoy the scenery since you get to stay inside where it’s warm and secure but still able to go outside and explore every day. Bring extra clothing and shoes if you’re planning on sailing. Taking time to explore this riviera will enrich your life in many ways

Makarska Riviera

Just north of Dubrovnik, this coastal town comprises several old towns such as Ston, Sipan, and Pelješac. These places contain lots of historical and archaeological sites like the Church of St. Nicholas dating back to the 9th century. This coastal town has everything needed for guests who enjoy being close to nature, such as beaches, mountains, forests, and historical sites. It also boasts some of the best seafood cuisine available. Other popular activities include sailing, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, and picnicking.

Mljet Island

Comprising beautiful turquoise waters shaped much like Mickey Mouse, this island welcomes thousands of guests who want to bask in the sun and swim in crystal clear seas. It’s no wonder why Mljet is home to the World-Famous Blue Cave. Here, divers can admire underwater sculptures created years ago using local limestone.

You can clearly see why Croatia is ranked among popular destinations that are perfect for female solo travellers. Each of these attractions offers something different for vacationers to experience. If you’re looking for an adventure filled holiday that will allow you to travel across Croatia, then consider visiting these seven locations. You’ll find there’s so much to discover in each place, whether you choose to visit them individually or all together. Have fun exploring!

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