Everybody Feels Lonely Sometimes, But Here’s How To Make New Friends

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Have you noticed that life after formal education takes a turn of its own? No longer are you forced to attend daily classes whether it’s high school, college or grad school. One key question is how do you make friends once you graduate from formal education? The option of meeting people in class or at a school function is now gone. The likelihood of bumping into a classmate or friend while walking across campus is no longer the norm. Now that your group of friends and acquaintances is your choice, how do you find people to become close to again?

female athletesAre you one of those people who is finding the transition from educated life to independent adulthood a bit lonely? Even if you don’t find yourself sitting home alone each weekend, finding friends and keeping yourself from feeling lonely can happen to everyone. Whether you’re single, married or have kids, finding like-minded individuals to connect with can be tough. But don’t stress, instead of becoming a hermit you can continue to cultivate friendships by participating in opportunities which allow you to explore your interests. Take a look at these four ways you can make new friends.

Sports Leagues

If you enjoy playing sports for fun joining your local sports league is an excellent way to meet new friends. Often you’ll have a game each week and some teams meet up either before or after the game to talk strategy and celebrate a victory. Whether you play sports for fun, or were active in high school and college, sports leagues incorporate players of all levels. Joining a sports league is a win-win, not only will you make new friends but also get enjoy the physical fitness benefits.


Getting involved in a church community is another way to meet people who share the same faith. Most churches have more than one service on Sundays and different groups that meet throughout the week. You can determine your time commitment and even join a small group. Small groups give you the ability you to network with a smaller group of people allowing a better opportunity to make friends.


Social responsibility is important for each community and there is always a need for volunteers for community events, charities and schools. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to make a difference and new friends. Volunteer opportunities range from helping out during a local marathon, 5k or 10k, building with habitat for humanity, tutoring students and much more.


Bars are a popular place to meet new people and make friends. However with alcohol involved there is always the chance people have alternate motives for being at the bar. If you’re looking for a fun night out going to the bars is exciting for often one-time connections. However there are several people who have made long-term relationships with people they have met at the bar. Keep in mind that the consumption of alcohol does change things.

Life after formal education doesn’t have to be boring. Spice it up by trying something new!

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