How To Survive In Life As An Empathetic Woman of Color

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Cause you be feeling ALL the feels, girl.

Research has shown that approximately 15-20% of the world’s population is highly sensitive and 2-3% are empathic. Living as an empath is much more than being a highly sensitive person and is not limited to just emotions. However challenging, an empath can learn to manage and adapt to one’s empathic nature.

Setting boundaries and limitations

One of the most difficult things for an empath to do is to say no to someone who asks for help. Giving others attention all the time affects an empath negatively both physically and energetically. As it is an empath’s nature to reach out to others in need, they should be aware of negative and particularly nasty people around them in order to give positive support and encouragement.


Because empaths accumulate emotions and energy from other people, they should learn to pay attention to important energy changes in themselves.  Being a processor and amplifier of energy, empaths need to consistently clear the energy channels. If you have been in the habit of taking everything on, letting go is not easy.  Meditation or yoga is a great way of clearing emotional baggage.

Taking time to recharge

A time for rest is also important. Take time out to do reading or writing or just do nothing at all.  Self-care is not just about eating habits and exercising. It can include giving yourself space and time to decide if something is right for you and giving yourself permission to do what you want to do even if it upsets others. Walk barefoot – earthing or grounding can help to reset the energy system and realign the chakras.

Public protection

Empaths do not like chaos. They should stay away from large public spaces such as busy shopping malls to avoid energy and emotional overload.  Negative news reports and social media that are powerless to influence should be avoided.  Limit your email inbox to information that you enjoy.

Empathic support network

There are numerous sites on the web regarding empaths and empathic tools. Sign up to get support in the way of emails and newsletters and you may find yourself befriending another empath on social media. What you give, you shall receive and this works with positive energies between two empaths.

So, if you are an empath, using the tools covered will keep your empathic energies and sensitivities in balance.

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