Dumped? 25 Ways To Get Over Him

By Avani Peterson

If you have had the misfortune of being dumped by your guy or if you have just dumped a wrong Mr. Right then you are probably itching to find ways to stop thinking of him. What you must know though is that its pretty normal to be in a state of anger and sadness because your relationship didn’t work out. At some point of time in everybody’s life, this horrid feeling that comes with a break up is an experience that’s common and much hated.

In an attempt to help you get over the guy, read the points below and use them to its full:

1. Plan a night out with your closest gal pals. Stay connected to people you enjoy spending time with and plan movie outings, shopping trips, anything that you usually like doing to make you feel better and eventually forget your ex.

2. Do something you haven’t done in a long while. Start going to the gym or go swimming every evening. You will release energy and all your pent up frustrations and it will make you feel better by miles.

3. Go on a road trip. Pick a day, pack a bag, get some friends together and move! Sometimes, getting away from the routine is the best way to get over someone.

4. Or better still, plan a holiday. You can choose to go alone if you want to do some introspection or you can take some good friends along with you too.

5. Plan a house party and invite newly single women and men. Spread rumors about your ex and who knows while you’re trying to get over him, you might just end up meeting someone new.

6. Plan a theme event, like a treasure hunt or “mad dancers” event and invite people you know and don’t know from the neighborhood. Let your hair down and dance the night away.

7. Make a collection of everything your ex gave you, from books to clothes to perfumes and dump it into a bonfire. Tear up pictures of the two of you together and cast a spell on him!

8. Call some old boyfriends and hang out with them. Sometimes meeting a previous ex helps get over the present one too.

9. Make use of any hobby you may have, and if you don’t have one then get one. The point is, if you have any free time in the day, you have to stay busy during it. Because if you are busy, you will get no time to think and that will help you get over your ex faster.

10. Change your look. Buy a whole new wardrobe; get a makeover, a new life. This will help you look forward and to look ahead rather than to ponder about your ex and what went wrong. Try redecorating your house too while you are at it. Get some new furniture and some classy picture frames to go with your new look.

11. Ask someone, maybe a close friend to keep checking up on you. This way, if you are found to be down and out on any given day, your friend can be responsible to take you out and rid you of your blues.

12. Write down every fault your ex had and make a list. Frame the list in front of your mirror so that looking at it will help you feel better.

13. Get a new phone, a new phone connection, a new laptop. Change the way you communicate so that you don’t have to worry about whether your ex will call or not.

14. Change your daily routine. This will help you avoid your ex. You need time to get over your break up so you need to avoid him as much as possible.

15. If you have been longing for an expensive piece of jewellery or an expensive new shoe, then this is the right time to splurge on yourself. It will make you feel better and your new “most wanted” item will keep your mind of him.

16. Switch jobs. Although this is a very drastic step, its one that can help you re-gain focus and your challenging spirit. Change cities if you can and just start everything afresh.

17. Get a pet. There is no better healer than man’s best friend. Buy a little puppy and name it and pamper it. You will be so pre-occupied with its cuteness that you wouldn’t even remember your ex.

18. Visit your old high school. Go back in time and recall your favorite child hood memories.

19. Try decorating your house and celebrating your single status.

20. Learn something new, go for some classes or join a kick boxing club.

21. Do the things your ex always stopped you from doing. There would definitely be a long list for this. Go ahead and start doing them!

22. Call all your guy’s exes and start a gossip session dedicated to him.

23. Start going to your choice of religious place of worship and just pray to God. Turn to spirituality for some quick healing.

24. Create an “I don’t like dating” group online and meet with newly formed singles who want to talk against their respective exes.

25. Post up some new and improved pictures of yourself and email it to your good friends, maybe include your ex too. Let him feel like as though he has missed out on something great.

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  1. thevisibleghost

    October 6, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    Very interesting! It can work both ways, I did change some words around to better fit myself since I’m going through the breakup game now.

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