Don’t Let These Fallacies About Time Management Hold You Back

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As our empires expand, our time becomes more valuable, making it essential to maximize our productivity. The problem, however, is that it can be hard to learn time management skills because of the misconceptions out there. As one of the best ways to grow is by addressing an issue head-on, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular —and, regrettably, the most believed — misconceptions surrounding time management.

You Need To Be Busy 24/7

Social media has propelled the creator economy forward, making it a viable career path. In fact, according to The Business of Business, job descriptions featuring the word “Creator” have increased by 489,000% over the past five years. 

However, social media glorifies the no-days off lifestyle, making many believe it’s the norm. In reality, overestimating what you can accomplish in a day makes you less productive and overwhelmed. Instead, you need to delegate and set goals for what you’re trying to achieve. Prioritize tasks and don’t try to do them all in one day. There’s nothing wrong with being busy, but there is a problem with ignoring the signs you should slow down.

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You Have To Do It Yourself

We live in an independent and fast-paced world. Everyone wants to succeed in their own way, and they want to do it quickly. As such, we often fail to ask for help because we don’tthink there’s enough time, or we don’t have the patience to wait.

For instance, when cryptocurrency prices hit highs in 2021, investors with no prior knowledge entered the space. Rather than talking to skilled investors who could provide advice on what to do if Bitcoin entered a bear market, many new investors became spooked, as highlighted in a CNBC article, and exited the market after the digital currency dropped in price in June 2021. 

Similarly, with all the steps prospective homebuyers have to complete, like finding a mortgage deal, many become overwhelmed and try to jump some hurdles. In their desperation to move into a home quickly, they select the first option they find and overlook mortgage brokers and advisers like Trussle. Mortgage brokers help individuals find the right mortgage deal for their situation. We cannot do everything ourselves, and there are things, particularly financial matters like investing and buying a home, that are better dealt with alongside additional parties. 

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If It Works For Them, It’ll Work For You

We may live in an independent society, but other people also influence us. We try to replicate other’s advice, and it doesn’t always work. For instance, we’ve seen an influx of YouTubers promote Notion, the time management app. Many believed if they made a Notion account — and they did; in 2020, Forbes reported four million Notion users — they would have better time management skills. In reality, many users found the platform complicated but persevered, despite already having a time management system that worked for them.

The perfect time management system is out there, but it’s not based on other people’s work habits. Nor does it overwork individuals and cause them to make errors because they didn’tthink they had the time to learn more.

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