Do the Marley Braid

While transitioning during my natural hair process, I had a hard time finding a convenient protective style. Some styles such as braid outs, bantu knots, can be time consuming and require a bit of hair product. Yarn braids and traditional single braids look beautiful but usually mean devoting a whole day or two between prep time andactual braiding time. As a student, it is hard enough managing my time and finances without the added stress of hair.

Marley Braids have become my trust worthy partner in my natural hair journey. These braids are strands of dread-like braid, which is precisely what makes them much easier to work with. Because they are already separated, they are perfect for quick box braids and twists. Plus, they are economically sound, reusable and versatile. If you’re looking for a much more dread lock look, you can get away with leaving the braids in for a few extra weeks.

For your next protective style whether you are relaxed, transitioning or natural, considering one of the following.

1) Braids Into Twists– This is my personal favorite. Use one braid folded into half and begin braiding into your hair. Use your hair as the third piece. Just before your hair runs out, begin twisting the two pieces.

2) Box Braids– A style broughtback to the public light by Solange Knowles, Box Braids or Poetic Justice Braids are a stylish rebirth of the 90s. Again, Marley Braids are perfect because they are already big.

3) Twists– The braids are already separated with makes them much easier to do twits. Depending on how large you want to braids, it can take very little time to do. The fun part about twist are taking them out. They literally take 10 seconds.
Hairstyler101 shows how to do twist using Marley Braids.

4) Crochet– Hair crochet is a way of using a crochet needle to attach hair to cornrows. If you can, braid the hair at the back in a circular motion for a much easier time crocheting the back of your head. Using Marley Braids will create an afro-effect. I would suggest buying tangle free braids and cutting them in half as it will make it easier to manage in the long run. Check out the videos below on how to crochet hair.

5) Half Braid Half Crochet– This consist of braiding the front half of your hair and crocheting the back.

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