DIY: Transform Jeans to Shorts

Ladies, it’s that time of the year again! It’s officially Spring (although some days have been feeling more like Summer) and shorts/sandal weather has commenced.  Now, if you’re anything like me you probably have been thinking of ways to save some money while adding Spring/Summer appropriate items to your wardrobe. Well, if you’ve got an old pair of jeans lying around, why not recycle and turn them into a new stylish pair of shorts?! Here’s a tutorial on how to transform those jeans from

Step 1: Invert and Smooth “Whenever you’re working with something that is 100-percent cotton you want to turn it inside out, it usually helps, because you can make sure you don’t cut through your pockets — they’re so long you would never know you were cutting a short short. Then smooth the pant legs down straight.”

Step 2: Measure “Since the rise is so long we cut them pretty short, because they’ll hang down pretty low on our bodies. I’ll do a 2 or 3 inch inseam, but we start at 3 inches. We’re going to curve the inseam up because on men’s jeans they’re so baggy that following the curve of the pocket makes them a little bit sexier. I’ll measure it out from my crotch point 3 inches with my measuring tape.”

Step 3: Even It Out “You want to match your point. Fold it over, making sure the crotch is folded, so you can make sure you’re at the exact same point on both sides because the worst thing is uneven shorts!”

Step 4: Customize “Give it some fray. Usually what I would do is throw them into the washing machine and don’t cut it off, so the fray looks more authentic. But you can create a fray easily: start rubbing the shorts legs together to create fabric friction. Start pulling some of your yarns out. And it works really well when your fabric is 100-percent cotton because there is no kind of spandex to draw it back so the cotton just lays flat. A lot of men’s jeans are 100 percent cotton and a lot of boyfriend-fitting jeans are 100-percent cotton, so that’s fine.”

Check out this video tutorial!

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