Simple DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas That Will Wow Your Friends

dorm room decor ideas

No one wants to live in a cabin. College dormitories rarely have such a good interior and setting, that needn’t be changed. Students who move from their houses often feel homesick and try to do everything to make their door room cozy and comfortable as their home. Proper decor can change the room beyond recognition. We understand that students don’t have a lot of extra money to spend them on decoration; that’s why DIY ideas come to aid.

If you want to have the most stylish room in your dormitory, be ready to find some spare time because some of the DIY ideas aren’t 5-minute crafts.

Motivational poster with quotes

Various posters and letter boards are trendy decor ideas. Buying such decor is expensive enough, and it makes no sense because it’s easy to create on your own. All you have to buy is a baguette. Think of the phrase that motivates you to move mountains and decide where you’ll hang your future poster. Find the used newspapers and magazines, cut out the necessary letters, and stick them to the foundation. Use your creativity and add some decor to your poster. 

Nice flower vase

If you adore cut flowers, but you don’t have a vase to place them, old glass jar can be used for this purpose. However, leaving it as it is and storing the flowers in a jar can hardly look aesthetic. That’s why you must take the paint and decorate your jar. Come up with the pattern that will fit your interior: polka dot, floral pattern, or abstract motives.  

Lighted letters

You’ve probably seen the letters signs in your friends’ rooms or on the Internet. It’s the right decoration and photo zone at the same time. Ordering customized sign from the Internet is expensive, so do it on your own. Create the desired letters from cardboard, place a garland inside them, and seal them. This process is time-consuming, but if you do everything carefully, you’ll get fantastic decor.  Visit SpeedyPaper to order homework, be free of your tasks for 1-2 evenings, and take care of your room decor.

Photo garland

Taking a photo is the best way to save memories about a particular moment in life. A student’s life is full of interesting events, for example, parties with friends that want to be immortalized. Creating a garland from your photos with friends and pictures of your family members won’t let you forget about important people, even for a moment. Print the images you want to hang, buy rope, and pegs. If the pegs look boring, paint them in white color (or any other color you want). Pull the cord over your desk, on the wall, or in any other place that is convenient for you and pin the photos. 

Patterned wall

If your walls are self-colored and dormitory authorities don’t allow you to paint them, don’t get upset. You may use tape and create different patterns on them. Buy washi tape or any similar product you know, decide what design you want to create, and start implementing it. If you opt for geometrical patterns, don’t forget to make a layout. The process of decorating your wall may take several hours and sometimes even the whole day, so you may not have time for the homework. We are sure that you’ll decide to order it online. Finding a trustworthy company is not that easy. Use to check the customers’ reviews on this or that service and cooperate with reliable companies only. 

Allowing time in a busy student’s schedule is almost impossible. But we want you to get acquainted with the top essay websites. These services aim to alleviate students’ burden. If you have some urgent assignments to do, order them online, and devote yourself to decorating your room.

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