How To Use Old-School Wallpaper To Decorate A Modern Space

wallpaper in living room on an accent wall

A room that stuns with the halo effect of a central wall, a restaurant with a fantastic fusion of art and decor, a working space with captivating imagery, or a lodge with a scenic reception–all these points to the unlimited possibilities of the transformations you can achieve with an accent wall.

You can call it a wall art, mural, wallpaper, creative wall covering, or other names that pop up by the day. The truth is, these are simply graphics attained by photography or created from scratch.

These accent wallpapers mold a unique personality out of your space and tell a story that inspires, motivates, or relaxes. They do much more than embellish your wall with a repetitive pattern.

Supersized arts seize emotions and tell a fascinating story

Go big or go home! Choose a unique mural that will help your interiors stand out from the ordinary. You can choose designer wallpapers that bring the finest art creations to your walls so you can tell a story that is bespoke through and through.

The best photo wall shops print them on superior material that stands the test of time and leaves a lasting memory of the best choices of your life!

Explore varying colors for a vibrant vibe

Color plays important roles in our lives. When you use the right colors in a planned and controlled arrangement, you can achieve the right mood. You can inspire joy and happiness with bright murals, for instance, calmness and relaxation with soft tones like blue and green and tension with colors like beige.

You can use different color murals or patterns to create illusions of shape, warmth, coolness, or luxury. Color is a source of pleasure to all humans, and interior decorators should, therefore, find creative ways to use color in their homes.

The right mix of colors in a mural can ward off boredom and make your space feel as lively as the outdoors.

Consider removable wallpaper

Removable wallpapers make life easy. You can replace them with ease when it’s time to update the look of your home. They are less messy and offer the chance for reusability if you handle them with care.

They are in every way like real wallpapers but do not use the paste in the installation process. They have a low tack adhesive that can easily stick to and be unwound from smooth flat surfaces.

Be sure to look at the product details. Some use an adhesive, but others are designed to be peel-and-stick. As long as you follow the installation process as outlined by the manufacturers, these wallpapers work. Renters can appreciate that these murals are easy to remove and reuse when it’s time to move.

Find wallpaper that aligns with your interior design theme

Choose colors and mural designs that sync well with your existing decor style: You can find matching colors or designs that create sharp contrasts.

The choice here depends on your artistic inclination and the type of ambiance you are targeting to simulate with these decorative wall installations.

A good photo-mural is more than just a mechanical enlargement of a photograph. Focus is essential on every point on the motif. Artistic elements must be balanced and “alive.”

It should be easy to visualize the art as part of or an extension of the items in the room.

bedroom wallpaper ideas

Taste the beach or take a stroll in the forest

If you aim to open up a small space, find a landscape, forest, or beach mural. These murals can extend the feel of your room, accentuating it with outdoor vibes. They add depth to your walls. You get to experience the surroundings you love within your small room days when you have to stay indoors.

In public environments, these murals create a sense of place and destination. They can lead to increased footfall as a result of the relaxing indoor ambiance. The picture walls contrast the dreary feel of empty walls that can dampen spirits regardless of the quality of service, say, in a restaurant.

Put it on a neat wall for the best results

The final look of your room and walls depend much on the preparation you invest in the process of wallpaper installation. Follow the right steps in getting your walls ready before installing the murals.

If care is not taken in this process, you may achieve unsatisfactory results even with the most beautiful paintings.

Wallpapers may help to cover a few imperfections here and there but don’t expect it to perfect massive flaws. Ensure, therefore, that your walls have a beautiful clean finish before hanging the wall coverings.

Align it like a pro

The installation of removable wallpaper is an effortless process. It does not entail making or laying a sticky paste on your walls. Nonetheless, be sure to get the alignment right to achieve a professional look.

Find a plumb vertical line and mark the edges for a straight installation. This step helps to ensure that your wallpaper does not end up skewed.

Draw a plumb vertical line to work with and a straight horizontal line as a starting point. Use a faint pencil so that these markings don’t show through your mural.

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